The Benefits of Creating an Outdoor Oasis

An oasis is a space that offers refuge or relief – a haven, harbor, or retreat decked with comforts that make you forget your worries and relax. Some homeowners choose to transform their backyards into relaxing retreats. For example, an outdoor oasis can have a pool, a sound system, a bar, a fireplace, and any feature that makes this space a haven.

The Benefits of Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Here are some reasons to consider having one of your own:

Treat Your Guests Outdoors

If you have guests staying over for more than a few days, you don’t want them cooped up indoors. An outdoor oasis can keep them entertained for the length of their stay. Turn the sound system on, fire up that outdoor fireplace, and relax in garden chairs, under your vine-covered pergola, on decorative concrete, while your guests marvel at the water feature feeding your pool.

A Good Place for Some Peace and Quiet

Ever wanted a quiet place to read or work besides a stuffy living room sofa or study? An outdoor oasis provides a great solution. Enjoy the creative stimulation that comes with sunshine or starlight, fresh air, and a change of scenery, plus a comfortable space to yourself.

An outdoor oasis is the perfect private retreat to entertain guests, find your center, and recharge after a long day. Turn your empty lawn into a luxurious oasis. You deserve to feel comfortable in every corner of your property.

Consider hiring a specialist for your next backyard oasis. To schedule an estimate, contact us today!

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Planning an outdoor kitchen includes anything from a simple setup with chairs, a table, and grill or a fully outfitted cooking space complete with a built-in cooking range and cabinets. Depending on your budget and preferences, here are some elements that can make this space stand out:

Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Grilling Station

If you don’t want guests choking on smoke as they eat indoors, keep your grilling station outdoors. Charcoal smoke can cling to upholstery too. With your grilling station outside, the stench won’t get on your indoor furniture.

Small Setup

Sometimes, a countertop, stove, and sink are all the essentials you need for an outdoor cooking area. This setup won’t take up too much square footage and is perfect for a backyard or lawn that has less space to spare.


Outdoor kitchens aren’t only good for cooking during the day. To make the most of the hours you spend in this space, include lighting. Leave the ambient lights for the sitting area and go for options that give you full visibility while you cook. For example, in a covered kitchen, pendant lights make a functional and stylish addition.

Covered Kitchen

Kitchen appliances and other essentials are expensive, but they increase the value of your property. However, that value might drop if your outdoor kitchen isn’t protected from the elements. To keep your investment in one piece, cover the space with a pergola or full roof.

Make sure that you keep your preferences and costs in mind when you decide to have your own outdoor kitchen installed.

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Spruce Up Your Home With Decorative Concrete

One of the best ways to add some aesthetics to a structure, like a pool deck or patio, is with decorative concrete. Here are some ways different concrete overlays will spruce up your outdoor space:

Spruce Up Your Home With Decorative Concrete

Pool Decks

A pool deck made from decorative concrete, like stamped or colored slabs, looks inviting. To make things more comfortable for bare feet, avoid using stamp patterns with rough textures or deep grouts.


In the past, masons had to hand chisel joints and use textured skins to create decorative patterns on stairs – a highly costly process. Today, contractors use pre-manufactured form liners and step forms to achieve the same decorative detail. The reusable molds offer homeowners a cost-effective way to decorate outdoor stairways with a variety of patterns, textures, and profiles.


When it comes to making your landscaping stand out, there is only so much you can do with garden gnomes and a fancy bird bath. Try adding a decorative touch with colored concrete. For example, you can add concrete cylinders as garden borders for your flower beds. You can also use stamped or patterned concrete paving.


Add some spice to backyard barbecue parties by revamping your backyard with concrete flooring stamped with wood or brick-like textures. If you get bored with the color, you can re-stain the floors. Consider a rich earthy stain that goes well with the outdoor environment.

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Why Everyone Needs A Pergola

Do you find your backyard missing that certain something? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there is a blank canvas that needs to be filled with something that will provide both beauty and function. A pergola is the perfect addition to any outdoor space because it provides shade to your patio or garden area, creates a place to hang plants and flowers and makes a bold statement with its strong wooden beams. Large pillars support the pergola so that it forms a space which can serve as a passageway, walkway, or sitting area. Depending on your requirements, you can either have a freestanding pergola or one attached to your house. Below are some reasons why a pergola is a great idea for any outdoor space:

What Is a Pergola Why Have One

Visual Appeal

There is so much potential for all that you can do to make a pergola the star of your front yard or garden! For example, if you love hanging plants, a freestanding pergola is perfect way to show them off. You can add latticework to the side or use the cross rafters for climbing vines. Pergolas provide hanging and climbing plants the perfect setup for to grow and intertwine, and the result is stunning to behold.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

One of the challenges of decorating an outdoor space is deciding what to do with it. How much ground should you cover? What size should your garden chairs be? What type of structure will look best with your existing property? With a pergola, you have a perfectly contained and shaded space to work around for your own outdoor oasis. Pergolas enable you to make the most of the sun year round by providing ample shade from vines during the summer, and allowing plenty of warming light through when the plants die back in the winter.

Improve the Value of Your Home

In addition to enhancing your outdoor space for your own enjoyment, an outdoor living space is an additional incentive to potential buyers and investors. A home with a well-built pergola provides that incentive. The structure adds value to your property, making it a good investment if you plan to sell at a later date.

For more information on how to get started in bringing a pergola to your own backyard, contact us at Texas Outdoor Oasis.

Which Type of Outdoor Fireplace is Right for You?

Even when the temperature drops, staying outdoors is an option with an outdoor fireplace. They also offer homeowners a comfy and warm space to entertain guests. Here are some models you can choose from for your own outdoor space:

Which Type of Outdoor Fireplace is Right for You?

Brick or Stone Fireplaces

Brick and stone fireplaces offer a rustic look and blend well with any outdoor environment, like a concrete patio, or can be made to match the exterior of your home. They also retain heat and are sturdy enough to withstand corrosion. The most popular varieties are standalone types.

Metal and Steel Fireplaces

These are usually portable, which means you can wheel or carry them anywhere. For example, you can place a small metal fire pit in the middle of your backyard and have your guests sit around it. If you want to add a more modern look, go for steel fireplaces that come with 360° viewing screens. While they are inexpensive, portable fireplaces can tip and may pose a fire hazard if placed on organic material, like a lawn, or on a slope.  They also do not add to the value of a home like built-in fireplaces.

Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace works like your typical kitchen stove. Flip a switch or valve and you have a roaring fire. This model is a good option for you if you don’t like to waste time starting a fire. It also burns cleaner since it doesn’t use wood. While a gas fireplace lacks the authenticity of a wood fire, it is still a great option for homeowners who want an outdoor fireplace without the cleanup.

For more information on outdoor fireplaces, please visit us here.

5 Benefits of Building an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

Barbecue culture is big in Texas and if you’re like most homeowners, you spend hours at your grill creating delicious meals for your family and friends to enjoy. But even the most die-hard grill-masters know that creating a full meal means splitting time between your grill and your indoor kitchen, forcing you to miss out on the fun. If you’re looking to make your backyard truly functional and ready to be your primary entertaining space, nothing makes more of a difference than an outdoor kitchen. Here are a few benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home:

5 Benefits of Building an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

  • Convenient: When you build an outdoor kitchen in your yard, you’ll have everything you need to create the perfect meal right next to your grill. Gone will be the days of running to the kitchen to check on your side dishes or wash your hands after handling raw meat.
  • Versatile: Outdoor kitchens are designed with your unique backyard space in mind. You’ll be able to customize the layout, specify which appliances you want, and incorporate all the elements you need to cook grill-side in comfort.
  • Increases Useable Space: An outdoor kitchen often doubles as an outdoor dining area, living room, and entertainment space. This means you’ll increase the amount of useable space in your home, letting you host large parties without your guests feeling cramped.
  • Easy Clean-up: If you have kids, you know the struggle of getting barbecue sauce, juice, and other sticky stains out of carpet and upholstery. With an outdoor kitchen, that worry is eliminated. Prepare your meals outside and enjoy them on the patio without fear of mess. If a spill happens, your kids will be able to wash up outside while you spray away the spill with your garden hose.
  • Increases Resale Appeal: When professionally designed and installed, outdoor kitchens make your home more appealing to potential buyers, helping you sell faster at a better price. The more your home stands out from the others on the market, the more likely it is to catch a buyer’s eye.

At Texas Outdoor Oasis, we know that grilling is a way of life. Why settle for a stand-alone grill when you can have a custom outdoor kitchen that lets you get the most out of your backyard. Contact us today to start bringing your barbecue dreams to life.

Is A Professional Landscape Design Better Than DIY?

With thousands of do-it-yourself options, when is it best to hire a professional?  This article will argue that landscaping is one of those areas.  Below we have fully examined the two main reasons why hiring a professional might be the right way to go.

Is A Professional Landscape Design Better Than DIY?

Reason # 1: Professionals Have Design Experience

Landscaping seems simple.  It’s just planted, right?  Digging a hole can’t be that hard, can it?  Well, it may seem easy, but landscaping is much more complicated than you would think.  Plants grow differently at different times of the year.  When they are planted can affect the life of the plants.  Climate is also something to consider.  Dry, wet, hot, cold, all seasons, or the same temperature all year?  Certain plants will only grow in some climates.  You may have your heart set on growing a beautiful cactus tree in your front yard, however, if you live in a wet climate, your plant won’t make it past a couple weeks. These are all things to consider.  An expert has this information at hand.

Reason # 2: How much will it cost really?

The do it yourself option is almost always motivated by price.  Everyone thinks that doing it yourself is cheaper.  However, the expense should include more than just the plants.  You will need the proper tools to create a cohesive design.  Those two things combined may cost more than you expected.  In addition, any mistakes in the design could be costly.  For example, if you dig deep in order to plant a tree and cut a power line or something worse, the complications could be catastrophic and very costly.

DIY or Do it yourself is incredibly trendy right now.  But, it’s important to consider all the facts.  The amount of time, effort and money it would take to do something on your own may not be worth it.  Consider hiring a professional for your landscaping needs.  Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your landscaping journey.

4 Ways To Add Spice To Your Backyard

Texas is so unique in its climate.  The temperature ranges from rain to sun on any given day.  Every backyard has the potential to be a haven for memories.  Still, remodeling can be overwhelming.  Below we have listed 4 different options to help you start your journey of creating the perfect backyard oasis.

4 Ways To Add Spice To Your Backyard

Option # 1: Patio Covers

With all that extra sun we get here in Texas, the best way to combat that is with an awesome patio cover.  Shelter is super important in this great state.  Given the constant shift in climate, a patio cover offers everything you need to enjoy the outdoors: rain or shine!

Option # 2: Decorative Concrete/Flooring

The floor of your patio can make or break your outdoor experience.  You want to be able to hop from outside to inside easily.  Consider all your options for flooring.  Different materials and different design can have totally different effects.  You can change and alter anything from texture, color, stain, finish, and even more.

Option # 3: Fire Features

Everyone wants a fire feature on their patio, something to sit around on a beautiful summer night where you can reminisce with your best friends.  But, did you know that fire features can range from a simple propane fire pit to a grill to a full-fledged kitchen with a bar?

Option # 4: Landscaping

Every backyard should have amazing landscaping.  But consider that landscaping is more than grass and flowers.  Everything from vegetation to design can make your outdoor oasis shine.  It’s more than just planting some plants.  Season, soil, sun and rainfall all play into what grows when, and for how long.

Now you know you have plenty of options when it comes to making your backyard amazing.  Big or small, you can make your dreams come true.  But, with all these options, consider hiring a professional to help make your vision into a reality.  Contact us to get started today.

10 Benefits Of Incorporating Stonework Into Your Landscape

Incorporating stonework into your landscape can drastically improve the aesthetic beauty and functionality of your property. Your patio and outdoor areas are essentially an extension of your indoor living space. Why not use it to entertain your friends and family? With hundreds of natural or pre-cast stone types, you can pick from many textures, shapes, and sizes to fit your unique landscape design needs. Whether you desire stonework for an entryway, patio, cozy fire pit, or a garden pathway, there are countless benefits.

10 Benefits Of Incorporating Stonework Into Your Landscape

Top 10 benefits:

  • Toughness to last in all-weather conditions – rain, snow, heat
  • More stability – less likely to move due to frost/moisture levels
  • Overall appeal – ages great, doesn’t fade over time
  • Eco-friendly – using all natural stone
  • Adds a natural elegance – professional yet inviting environment
  • Flexibility – add-on other stone landscape such as ponds, waterfalls, fountains
  • Serious curb appeal – adds value and attractiveness to your property
  • Cost effective – easy to clean, less long-term maintenance over time
  • Durability – can endure tough wear and tear, rough use
  • Variety – endless number of shapes, sizes, textures available

Ideas for Incorporating Stonework Into Your Landscaping

Patio – Adding a patio to your backyard adds an inviting space for your friends and family to spend quality time together. Enjoy the beauty of having a stone patio for many, many years. The investment is worth it!

Rock Garden – Strategically placing stones between and around plants and flowers will only add to your garden’s overall attractiveness.

Fire Pit – Who doesn’t love a cozy, warm fire? Spruce up your fire pit with gorgeous stonework all around it.

Outdoor Kitchen – Having an outdoor kitchen or dedicated grill space will make all the neighbors jealous. An elegant outdoor stone floor will make it stand out even more.

The options are endless when deciding where you’d like to incorporate stonework into your landscaping. Using only the highest quality materials, Texas Outdoor Oasis can help you achieve the backyard of your dreams. Our designers work with you to ensure your unique vision comes to life exactly the way you want it. Contact us today for more information.