3 Landscape Design Ideas To Incorporate Around Your Pool

Having a pool in your backyard is amazing and provides you and your family with hours of enjoyment. Because your pool is such an important area in your backyard, you want to make sure that you take the time to landscape around it. Choosing the right landscape features can help make your pool even more enjoyable and can also help to complete the space. Here are three landscape design ideas to incorporate around your pool.

3 Landscape Design Ideas To Incorporate Around Your Pool

Stone Work 

Placing stone around your entire pool is an excellent way to finish this space and make it look gorgeous at the same time. The natural beauty of stone is hard to beat and the natural properties of stone make it excellent for outdoor use. It is resistant to weathering and comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This helps you to personalize the space around your pool, while making it more functional at the same time.

Grass Area 

Having a grass area near your pool is very important because this gives you a space to enjoy when you aren’t swimming. This can be a space to put down your towel and relax, or a space to run and play.  Placing edging all around the grass can help to give it a completed look and allows it to flow well with the rest of the landscape features in your backyard.

Small Plants 

Small plants do an excellent job of adding some extra greenery to the area, without taking up a great deal of space. If you choose a variety of flowering plants, you can also add some diversity of color and beauty to the area around your pool as well. Placing these plants in a plant bed and having rocks surrounding them is a great way to reduce the chance of extra debris getting into your pool.

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3 Amazing Features Every Backyard Needs

If you have big dreams and plans for your yard, a landscape design company can help you to bring these to life. Their expertise allows them to do a lot of amazing things that you can’t do on your own. Here are three amazing features a landscaping service can add to your yard.

3 Amazing Features Every Backyard Needs

An Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outdoors makes an evening outside that much more enjoyable. With a functional outdoor kitchen there is never a bad time to be outside. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our gallery.

A Waterfall

Another feature that you may think is incredibly elegant and beautiful is a waterfall. The great thing about a waterfall is that there are so many things that you can personalize. The landscaping service will work with you so that you can choose the size and shape of your waterfall, as well as what type of stone you would like used in your water and what you would like your waterfall to flow into.

An Inground Pool

If you want an inground pool for you and your family to enjoy, then hiring a landscape service will allow you to do this. They will incorporate your pool in perfectly with the rest of your landscaping and will make sure that it contains all the features that are important to you, such as a diving board, waterslide, spa, etc.

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3 Great Reasons To Hire A Professional Pool Builder

If you are looking to install an in-ground pool in your backyard, then you have made the right decision. Pools offer a great deal of fun for you and your family and are definitely a worthwhile investment. The best way to get started with the process is to speak with a professional pool builder. Here are three great reasons to hire a professional pool builder.

3 Great Reasons To Hire A Professional Pool Builder

Pool Builders Create A Detailed Blueprint

One of the first things that a pool contractor will do for you is sit down to help you create a detailed blueprint for your pool. This is such an important part of the process because it allows you to put all of your ideas down on paper and it gives you an actual visual of what your pool is going to look like. Changes can be made during this process to make sure you are pleased with your pool’s design.

They Are Familiar With The Latest Pool Features

Pool contractors are also incredibly helpful when it comes to installing your pool because they know all the available options. They can help you to choose between different fiberglass and concrete options for your pool. They can also help you determine what size and shape is best for you pool. This ensures that you get exactly what you want and helps you to make the best choices.

They Will Be There To Assist You Even After The Pool Is Constructed

Even after your pool is installed, your pool contractor will be there to help you with your pool. A lot of pool contractors also offer services related to pool maintenance and repair. This means that whether you need a filter change, cleaning, or some type of repair work done, they can help you out. This is very comforting because you know that your pool will always be taken care of.

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Fire Pits: From Ancient Necessity to Modern Destination

Fire pits symbolized survival and many other aspects of life. They had many purposes in the early days, and they were used in many ways, in many locations. You could find fire pits inside of homes, or outside to keep away predators. Harvest celebration? Fire pit time. Cooking the kill? Fire pit time! Forging metal? You guessed it: fire pit time.

Fire Pits: From Ancient Necessity to Modern Destination

Over time, outdoor fire pits became less used for cooking food and staying warm as people learned how to make more advanced metals and stone structures to contain fire even more, which is how ovens and fireplaces were developed.

Whether you’re talking about a dug-out hole in the ground in the middle of the woods for containing fire, or a modern, customized fire pit art piece in your backyard, what’s interesting about fire pits is that their purpose hasn’t changed a lot since ancient times. They may not be a necessity in modern life since we’ve developed other cooking and heating methods, yet we still use fire pits as gathering spaces, as well as for cooking and a good reason to enjoy being outdoors.

As soon as you tell your friends, family, and neighbors you have a fire pit, they’ll be ready with drinks and marshmallows to enjoy it with you. Fire pits are like a modern destination, or a hot spot (pun intended) for coming together.  There’s nothing like the warm glow of the fire, of being mesmerized by the flames as some of them turn electric blue. Fires feel timeless, relaxing, and reassuring that life has held much of the same purpose it has for centuries: to gather, to eat, and to enjoy being outside.

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3 Reasons To Invest In An Outdoor Kitchen

If you are considering installing an outdoor kitchen, this is an excellent choice. There are so many awesome reasons to install an outdoor kitchen and they can benefit you and your family. Here are three great reasons to invest in an outdoor kitchen.

3 Reasons To Invest In An Outdoor Kitchen

It Is Incredibly Convenient

Having an outdoor kitchen is incredibly convenient for you and can make your time spent in the kitchen both easier and more appealing. You can choose whether you’d like to cook indoors or outdoors, depending on where your family is gathering and where you will be serving your meal. This allows you to interact with your family while you are in cooking and baking in the kitchen. This makes outdoor gatherings fun and exciting and helps you to conveniently cook outside.

You Increase Your Home’s Value 

Another awesome reason to invest in an outdoor kitchen is to increase the overall value of your home. Having two kitchens instead of one can increase your home a great deal and helps to protect the cost of your investment. This is a huge comfort when it comes to determining whether you should spend the money on an outdoor kitchen.

More Cooking Options 

Lastly, when you decide to have an outdoor kitchen installed, you create more cooking options for yourself. An outdoor kitchen can incorporate cooking equipment that you can’t use inside, making it more fun and versatile to cook outside. These items include a grill, a brick oven, a fire pit, a smoker, and more. This allows you to really get creative in the kitchen and try things that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.  This makes cooking more fun and exciting.

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2 Reasons Why Pool Landscaping Is So Important

Once you have your amazing inground pool installed and completed, you may feel as if you are done. However, there is still one more important step in the process and this is landscaping. The landscaping that goes around your pool is a crucial aspect of your pool completion. Here are two reasons why pool landscaping is so important.

2 Reasons Why Pool Landscaping Is So Important

It Protects Your Pool

One important reason to have pool landscaping done is to actually protect your pool. It is no secret that your pool is a big investment for you and you want to make sure that it is protected and well taken care of. By adding landscaping around your pool, such as concrete work, plants, fences, etc., you are protecting your pool from several things. The cement work helps to stop dirt and debris from getting into your pool, the fence can help stop things from blowing into your pool, and trees and other large shrubs can also act as barriers as well.  Grass is also excellent for helping to stop dirt from getting tracked into your pool.

It Makes The Space More Enjoyable 

When you have your pool area landscaped, it makes the space much more enjoyable for you. If you have a large cement pad poured around your pool, or even if you have stone work done all the way around your pool, this creates a space for you to place pool chairs, tables, umbrellas, and more. This gives you a wonderful space to relax around your pool and really enjoy it. Trees and other large plants can provide shade for you on a hot day and a big yard full of grass gives you a comfortable and relaxing place to rest when you aren’t swimming in the pool.

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Why An Inground Swimming Pool Is A Great Investment

If you are looking to make your home and backyard a wonderful place, then installing an inground pool is a great idea for you to consider. Having a professional install a pool for you ensures that your pool is customized and has all the features that you desire. Here are three reasons why an inground swimming pool is a great investment for you.

Why An Inground Swimming Pool Is A Great Investment

Increase The Value Of Your Home 

One reason why an inground swimming pool is a good investment for your family is because it can increase the value of your home. The pool itself will increase what your home is worth, which means you will have a great return on your investment. Having a pool in your backyard will also make your home more desirable to potential buyers, especially if the other homes in your neighborhood don’t have pools.

Provide Hours Of Joy For Your Family 

Installing an inground pool in your backyard is a wonderful investment for your family because it will provide all of you with hours of fun all summer long. You can swim, play pool games, install a water slide, incorporate a waterfall, and more.  It is also a great way for your family to stay active, without even realizing that you are exercising.

Perfect For Parties And Gatherings

Lastly, when you have a pool in your backyard, your backyard becomes the perfect location for parties and gatherings. This is awesome if you are someone who loves to host large gatherings and have friends over a lot. The pool creates the perfect source of entertainment and it also allows children and adults alike to have a great time.

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3 Important Reasons To Incorporate Trees Into Your Landscaping

When you are trying to figure out what you would like your landscape design to look like, it is very important that you realize the importance of trees. When it comes to essential plants to include in your landscape, trees are high on the list. There are just so many great things that trees can provide for you and three important reasons to incorporate trees into your landscaping will be discussed here.

3 Important Reasons To Incorporate Trees Into Your Landscaping

Perfect For Privacy

Perhaps the most important reason to plant trees as part of your landscape design is to increase your privacy. The last thing that you want is to feel like you are being watched when you are outside in your own backyard. The great thing about trees is that they create a barrier between your property and whatever is surrounding it. Depending on the size of your property and how much privacy you want to have, you can talk with a landscape professional about what trees are best to meet your needs.

Great Windbreak 

Another excellent reason to plant trees is to create a natural windbreak. This is especially important if you live in a flat, open area, or one that is known to have high winds. Planting a row of trees is great for creating this kind of barrier. The trees will stop the wind from blowing through your yard all the time and can protect your smaller plants and flowers. They will make your backyard more enjoyable overall and create a more comfortable space for you.

Excellent For Shade

Shade is something that is often very important for people.  Shade can make your backyard a much more enjoyable space during the hotter months of the year. A great way to incorporate shade is to plant trees in your yard that will grow big and create large areas of shade for you.

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When Does a Deck Need a Railing?

A railing enhances safety and adds a little privacy. It also provides a surface where you can put things down while barbecuing meals or relaxing. Nonetheless, you may want to know if it’s really necessary for your deck to have this feature.

Texas Custom Pools

Building Codes

The most important consideration is the height of a deck’s floor. Generally, American building codes don’t require railings when it stands fewer than 30 inches above grade. On the other hand, Canadians usually need them if the height exceeds two feet.

There’s an important aspect of the above-mentioned safety rule that some people overlook. You must walk three feet away from the floor’s edge before measuring this distance, according to Deck Magazine. Consequently, you may still need a railing if the lawn drops off into a steep valley.

Keep in mind that city and state governments have the ability to develop their own building codes. Contact a local code officer if you’re not sure. In addition to rules about the surface height, post size and spacing requirements may vary depending on where you live.

Other Reasons

Some homeowners still install railings when building codes don’t demand them. You might do this to enhance the deck’s appearance or protect people from potentially dangerous objects. For example, there might be thorny bushes or large stones near the edge.

This feature even contributes to safety on a very low deck surrounded by grass. It gives people something that they can grasp to avoid falls. This may prevent injuries if precipitation or a spill causes the surface to become slippery.

Are you planning to construct a new deck or add railings? If so, please contact our helpful staff for expert assistance. We take the time to build safe, attractive structures with long-lasting materials. You’ll appreciate our competitive rates as well.

Why You Should Add Stonework To Your Home

The exterior of your home takes up a significant amount of value to your property. A well designed retaining wall, or stone tiling, can add great beauty to your home or property. Simply putting rocks or bricks on your property isn’t going to raise your homes value of course, they need to be carefully designed and planned out. That’s why it is essential for you to hire an expert stone mason. Stonework is not for the faint of heart.

Why You Should Add Stonework To Your Home

Great Designs For Your Home

Retaining walls and stone tiling can add great beauty to your home. If designed right, your stonework could appear to be a sand dune or a sunset in the desert. Or, you could have a home straight from a fantasy world and have your property appear to be built right into the side of a mountain. Do you have significant awards or achievements? Building your own “walk of fame” can be a great way to show off your accomplishments in life or as a way to honor someone you knew. There are hundreds of stones to choose from for your home design, from the classic limestone to keystone or sandstone. There are numerous choices out there for you to choose from.

Stone Walls, Retaining Walls and Tiles Are Easy To Maintain

Stonework generally requires very little maintenance, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Unlike wood, which can suffer from rot, it takes a lot to break a well made stone wall. It requires years of weathering, violent storms and constant rain before it comes undone. Stones can be easily maintained through power washing, which can be done fairly quickly depending on the size of the project. Stonework is a great way to keep your home looking great for years to come.

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