3 Awesome Pool Landscaping Ideas

If you are looking to make your backyard pool more amazing than it already is, then you should definitely have it professionally landscaped. Landscaping the area around your pool can really help to finish off the space and allows you to make it your own. Here are three awesome pool landscaping ideas.

3 Awesome Pool Landscaping Ideas

Spaced Pavers and Grass

One excellent idea for your pool landscape is the addition of spaced pavers. You can place your pavers spaced apart so that they have grass growing in between all of them. This adds a gorgeous geometric look to your pool landscaping and also allows you to incorporate both grass and pavers. You can do this on one side of your pool, or surround your entire pool with the pavers and grass design.

Greenery in Plant Beds

An awesome way to make your backyard pool look like an oasis, is to incorporate a lot of greenery around your pool. You can confine the greenery using plant beds that are either raised around the pool, or level with it. Both help to add some color to the area around your pool and help to bring a more natural feel to the area. This greenery can include plants that are native to your area, trees, flowers, bushes, and more.

Stone Work 

Lastly, the idea to incorporate stone work around your entire pool is a great one. All the stones are placed close together, making the entire area around your pool look like a work of art. The stones are highly functional and very durable, making them perfect for outdoor use. They also create an area where you can set up pool chairs, tables, umbrellas, and more.

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Enchanting Outdoor Living Space for Year-Round Use

When imagining an outdoor living space, consider the amenities, appliances and outdoor fireplace that will make guests comfortable every season of the year. With strategic planning, there is no need to put parties and gatherings on hiatus whether it’s an unseasonably cold or hot day. In fact, more homeowners are re-imagining their front, back and side yards as expanded space for entertaining and enchanting areas for grabbing quiet alone time.  Rather than feeling claustrophobic inside, spend more time outdoors feeling in touch with nature and inspired by the fireplace.

Enchanting Outdoor Living Space for Year-Round Use

Using retractable shade fixtures

Flexibility is important, which is why retractable shades are popular in the outdoor living industry. While heat lamps and fire pits keep you warm, they don’t provide protective covering from rain or control lighting. Light and temperature control keeps family and guests comfortable. Ceiling fans keep the air flowing on covered patios as well as under bewitching pergolas with beautiful flowering vines.

Adding a secret garden

In keeping with the self-sustaining interest, incorporate composting, green houses and organic gardens including container gardens in an outdoor living plan. Many native plants grow year-round. Favorite edible plants for container gardens on a patio include lettuce, parsley, tomatoes, onions, beans, eggplant and squash. Tuck a delightful garden near a gazebo surrounded by wildflowers and shade plants. A birdbath draws different birds throughout the year.

Putting the front yard to use

When people think of outdoor oasis, they often focus on the backyard. However, the front yard is also a great place to entertain and socialize with neighbors. To define the space, consider adding water features, decorative concrete and outdoor lighting. Safe front pathways and lighting guide guests to the front patio, deck or outdoor living space.

No matter where you add outdoor living space, the positive side effect is lovely views from inside the home and the ability to watch the changing seasons. To get a feel ahead of time, gaze out from a kitchen window, front window or backyard patio door to imagine the desired vignettes of an outdoor kitchen, pergola, garden or pool.

At Texas Outdoor Oasis, we specialize in patio covers, custom pools, outdoor kitchens, landscaping and pergolas. Our team includes masonry specialists, experienced landscape professionals and a seasoned design staff dedicated to our clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For more information about improving your outdoor living space, contact us today.

Patio Covers and Other Design Ideas for a Narrow Patio

Is your patio so long and narrow that you sometimes feel like you’re about to board a plane?  A patio cover and some simple design ideas can help you to get more enjoyment out of your outdoor living. Here are 3 suggestions for working with a narrow space.

Patio Covers and Other Design Ideas for a Narrow Patio

Raise your sights with a patio cover:

Thinking vertically is one of the main strategies for opening up a narrow space. Focus on drawing the eyes up with a custom patio cover. A patio cover will also provide protection from the weather and keep you comfortable while you spend time outdoors. You may also want to think about installing overhead lights and selecting one or two tall objects, such as a shelving unit or a high rise plant.

Surround yourself with circles and angles:

Downplay the narrow rectangular shape by decorating with circles and angles. That might mean a round table and area rugs. Circular patterns count too, so keep that in mind when you are shopping for seat cushions and other accessories. Angles have a similar effect so that gives you another alternative. Plus, just arranging your furniture in the round or at an angle can make a patio seem wider.

Create separate zones:

You might be tempted to push your furniture together along the sides of your narrow patio, but that would just call more attention to the issue. What you need is to break up the space, especially if it’s both very narrow and very long. For instance, you could group some pieces to create an eating area on one end and a conversation area on the other. Plan ahead to be sure you are maintaining enough space for foot traffic, which can usually be done with a walkway on one side.

Texas Outdoor Oasis provides custom patio covers, landscaping and outdoor kitchens without the hassle. If you’re in the DFW area, contact us to transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis retreat.

2 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Help With Your Landscape Design

If you are looking to get some professional landscaping done in your yard, then you should definitely consider hiring a professional to help you out. Landscape designers are well-trained and highly skilled, making them perfect for carrying out the job. Here are two awesome reasons to hire a professional to help with your landscape design.

2 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Help With Your Landscape Design

They Plan Everything Out Beforehand

If you are doing your own landscaping, you likely won’t have the skill level or the patience required to create an entire blueprint for your landscape design. This can create problems both in the present and the future and can make landscaping your yard a huge headache for you.

In contrast, when you hire a professional to landscape your yard for you, they are going to plan everything out carefully before they ever begin. You will be a huge part of this process and can determine exactly what you want your landscaping to look like. This ensures that you are pleased with the final results and helps everything to function properly.

They Will Help You Avoid Future Issues 

Another reason to hire a professional to help you with your landscape design is because they will help you to avoid future issues with your landscaping. For example, they will ensure that the irrigation system is installed properly so that it helps your grass remain healthy and strong for many years.

They will also make sure that trees and other large plants are placed far enough away from your home to make sure that the roots don’t cause issues with your foundation. Their knowledge and skills allows them to do this, which in turn allows you to really enjoy your landscaping without future worries.

To learn more awesome reasons to hire a professional to help with your landscape design, or to hire a professional today, visit us at Texas Outdoor Oasis.

3 Great Benefits Of Adding An Outdoor Kitchen

If you are looking for a way to improve your outdoor living space and your home overall, you should consider installing an outdoor kitchen. This is an awesome space that you will find very useful and enjoyable. Here are three great benefits that come along with adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.

Outdoor Kitchen

An Outdoor Kitchen Is Perfect For Outdoor Gatherings

If you are someone who enjoys entertaining, then an outdoor kitchen is perfect for you. An outdoor living space gives you full access to all that you need to not only prepare the meal, but also to easily serve it outdoors. This makes entertaining your guests much easier and allows you to be outside and involved even when you are in the kitchen. This can make outdoor gatherings much more fun for you. View our outdoor kitchen gallery.

Increase Your Living Space 

When you have an outdoor kitchen installed outside your home, you are actually increasing your overall living space. This is excellent for giving you and your family more room to enjoy, and it also helps to increase the value of your home. Both of these are very beneficial and make the outdoor kitchen a worthwhile investment.

Lower Your Energy Costs

When you use your outdoor kitchen in the summer, you can actually lower your energy costs. Turning on the oven in your indoor kitchen can cause the temperature in your home to increase a great deal. This means that your air conditioner will kick on in order to cool of your home. This will in turn increase your energy costs because your air conditioner is running for longer periods of time. In contrast, when you instead choose to use your outdoor kitchen, your home won’t become warmer at all, so you can lower your energy costs.

To learn about more benefits that come along with an outdoor kitchen, visit us at Texas Outdoor Oasis.

3 Great Reasons To Incorporate Shrubs Into Your Landscape Design

If you are having your yard professionally landscaped, then you should definitely consider having shrubs included in your landscape design. There are so many awesome reasons why you should incorporate shrubs and three of these reasons will be discussed here.

3 Great Reasons To Incorporate Shrubs Into Your Landscape Design

Many Are Easy To Care For

There are several kinds of shrubs that you can incorporate into your landscape design that are very easy to care for. If they get a decent amount of water and are trimmed back when necessary, then they will likely look great and will thrive. In order to make sure that the bushes planted in your yard are easy to care for, you can simply talk with your landscaping professional. They will tell you what bushes will best meet your needs and you can then choose from there.

They Add Privacy 

Another excellent reason to incorporate bushes into your landscape design is because of the privacy that they provide. They are excellent for providing more privacy for your porch or patio if you include them in your front flower bed, and they are also great for providing a barrier between your home and the road. In the backyard, they are also great for providing privacy, especially if you don’t have a fence.

They Flower Beautifully

One thing this is often important to many people is the beauty that a plant provides. Bushes often have flowers that bloom at different times of the year and these add a great deal of beauty and dimension to your landscape design. This makes bushes perfect for flower beds, rocked areas, or anywhere in your landscape design that the green leaves and colorful flowers will add a gorgeous contrast to their surroundings.

To learn more about incorporating bushes into your landscape design, visit us today at Texas Outdoor Oasis.

Outdoor Home Improvement Projects Have Increased By Over 20%

In the last year or so, many homeowners have been taking advantage of their free time by making upgrades to their houses and properties. An especially popular space people are tackling are their backyards, transforming their once boring yards into the ultimate relaxation getaway. Between 2019 and 2020 alone, outdoor home improvement projects have increased by over 20% according to a study by Home Innovation Research Labs. There are few things that bring more appeal and value to a backyard space than a hot tub.

Outdoor Home Improvement Projects Have Increased By Over 20%

Home Improvement Investments

Real estate experts are now determining that the presence of a hot tub on a property now is adding significant value to homes all across the country compared to their values pre-Covid-19. If you’ve recently installed an in-ground hot tub in your backyard, you may be wondering how much to expect in added value. Here at Texas Outdoor Oasis, we want to help our clients in the Dallas/Fort Worth area determine how much the market values their investments.

Hot Tub Value

The appeal of hot tubs, whether in-ground or above-ground, is undeniable. At a time when high-end, luxury features like spas, swimming pools, and outdoor kitchens have been seen to increase in value up to 70%, it makes sense why some are taking the plunge. Since the advent of the Covid-19 vaccine, Texas and the south-central region of the United States has reported that the value of an in-ground hot tub has increased by more than 55% compared to the start of the pandemic. This means that buyers who were willing to pay an additional $4,000 for a home with an in-ground hot tub pre-Covid are now willing to pay an extra $7,000 for the same house in today’s market.

Recouping Costs

As there are many factors that determine the overall value of a home, it can be difficult to estimate exactly how much your backyard oasis has increased the value of your home. However, most Texas homeowners can expect to see a positive return on their investment. For example, reports from HomeLight estimate some homeowners could recoup 42% of their hot tub costs when selling, as compared to the 25% that would have been recouped in a similar scenario pre-2019.

For more information on boosting the value of your Dallas home, be sure to contact the professionals at Texas Outdoor Oasis.

How Much Is That Backyard Oasis You Built in 2020 Worth Now?

No doubt, 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. Many people found themselves suddenly working from home, and almost everyone had a lot more time on their hands, as they were unable to participate in their normal activities throughout their community. Quite a few people took advantage of the extra time they spent at home to make their surroundings more pleasant and functional. Interestingly enough, there was actually an unexpected bonus that came with the increase in backyard and home renovation projects.

How Much Is That Backyard Oasis You Built in 2020 Worth Now?

An Unexpected Bonus

In 2020, many homeowners looked at their outdoor surroundings and decided to develop it into additional living space. The great news is that not only did they create memorable moments for their family, they also likely added a notable increase in value to their home.

Homeowners who decided to add an outdoor kitchen, have already experienced a 58% increase in value for their renovation project. Others who decided to add an in-ground hot tub will be pleasantly surprised to learn of the financial benefit that came with their decision. In-ground hot tubs have become wildly popular in recent months, with homeowners seeing this addition bringing an increase in value by 71%!

What This Means for Homeowners

If you’re thinking about extending the living space of your home to include the outdoors, clearly, a lot of people (and potential home buyers) are going to agree with your decision. Whether you want to develop your home’s exterior living spaces in order to increase its value for an eventual sale, or if you simply want to have more attractive and functional outdoor spaces for your family, you can’t go wrong by beautifying your outdoor surroundings.

Your Dream Exterior

Our professional design team can help you plan your ideal outdoor living space, then work together with our team of licensed specialists to develop the backyard oasis of your dreams. Whether you want to add a fabulous custom pool, a cozy fire pit for an evening gathering with friends and family, or a shade-giving patio cover for your outdoor kitchen and living area, we can make it all happen.

If you’d like to know more about creating dream spaces for outdoor living areas, contact us!

4 Reasons to Add a Fire Pit to Your Patio

Do you want to add beauty, functionality, and ambiance to your patio? Consider adding a custom outdoor fire pit. A fire pit will transform your backyard patio into a luxurious outdoor retreat that you can enjoy all year long. Here are some of the benefits of adding a fire pit to your backyard patio.

4 Reasons to Add a Fire Pit to Your Patio

Entertainment and Ambiance

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue for the neighborhood or a romantic evening for two, a fire pit gives you a terrific space to entertain. A fire pit provides a focal point for your patio’s design, and gives your outdoor living space a wonderful ambiance and an intimate feeling.

Outdoor Cooking

A fire pit makes a great outdoor cooking tool. Almost anything you can cook on a grill can be cooked on a fire pit. It’s perfect for making s’mores, toasting marshmallows, and grilling hot dogs with your family.

Extend Your Living Space

A fire pit is a perfect way to create a cozy outdoor living space. A fire pit is a terrific focal point for an outdoor seating area. With an outdoor fireplace, you and your guests can relax and socialize on your patio any time of year, no matter the season.

Add Value to Your Home

The expanded living space a fire pit provides will make your whole backyard feel more open and welcoming. With the right design, your patio will become a seamless extension of your home. If you ever sell your home, the additional living space will increase its value and may even persuade a potential buyer to make an offer.

Are you looking for more backyard patio ideas? Get in touch with the experts at Texas Outdoor Oasis. We have helped homeowners, builders, and general contractors in Wylie, TX with outdoor living projects for more than 20 years. Contact us to learn more.

3 Reasons To Incorporate Rocks In Your Landscape Design

When it comes to creating a landscape design, there are several elements to consider. One very important aspect of any landscape design is the incorporation of rocks. There are so many excellent reasons to include rocks as part of your landscape design and three of them will be discussed here.

3 Reasons To Incorporate Rocks In Your Landscape Design

They Break Up The Greenery 

While green grass, bushes, trees, etc. are all wonderful, it is very important that you have pieces that contrast against all of this green. This can easily be done by incorporating rocks into your design to break up the greenery. For example, you can have rocks in between your grass and your trees to show this contrast. Rocks also help to create dimension in your yard by showing depth and color change.

They Are Easy To Care For

Unlike plants, rocks are not alive. Because of this, they are often much easier to care for than other parts of your landscape design. One of the few things that you need to do to ensure that your rocks require minimal care, is to  place landscaping fabric under all of your rocks. This stops you from having issues with weeds and other plants growing up into your rocks. This means that other than filling in your rocks when necessary and raking them on occasion, you virtually don’t have to do anything to care for them.

They Are Versatile

Rocks are awesome for use in landscape design because they are so versatile. You can use them around your trees and other plants and in your flower gardens. They are great for creating paths around your yard. In fact, large stones can even create a more formal walking area or patio space. Large rocks are excellent decorative pieces that are both beautiful and majestic. This gives you a lot of options and helps you find a design and flow that works for you.

To learn more about the benefits of using rocks in your landscape design, visit us today at Texas Outdoor Oasis.