4 Reasons Pergolas Are The Top Trend in Outdoor Living

Year after year, the internet bristles with lists of design trends. For outdoor living, they remain relatively consistent, including such items as lighting, shade, and quality. But one thing that isn’t included in many of these lists (and should be) is the addition of a pergola to your outdoor space. Read on to see why.

4 Reasons Pergolas Are The Top Trend in Outdoor Living

Pergolas provide a place to install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans make almost any list of outdoor trends, and we Texans know why. A good ceiling fan can keep an outdoor space comfortable even in the hottest parts of summer. Adding a pergola will give you a place to hang a fan and a reason to keep grilling all year round.

Pergolas provide the best of both worlds: Shade and sun

When the days get hot and long, a little shade goes a long way. A well-designed pergola can provide enough shade to keep you comfortable on a warm afternoon. But on those sunny winter days, a pergola will let the sun filter through, giving you a dose of Vitamin D to improve your health and your mood.

Pergolas provide additional protection for your home

While you sit back, sipping your sweet tea in the shade, your pergola is doing double duty. In the right spot, it can help shade and cool your home. With the right design, it can help protect your house from the wind and rain of those spring storms.

Pergolas define your outdoor room

Carve out a space for al fresco dining. Hang curtains. Set a settee. A pergola defines an outdoor room that can feel as cozy as any you have inside, but its open structure lets you enjoy the breeze, the flowers, or the aroma coming off that grill in the corner.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on the trend that won’t ever go out of style. Contact Texas Outdoor Oasis today to experience the joys of outdoor living.

Choosing Between an Outdoor Fireplace or a Fire Pit

An outdoor fireplace and a fire pit both can bring warmth and relaxation to your home’s backyard. Before deciding which one is perfect for your home, there are a few differences between the two that you should know about.

Choosing Between an Outdoor Fireplace or a Fire Pit

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is literally a fireplace outside. Just like an indoor fireplace, it consists of a firebox and a chimney that the smoke goes out of going in one direction. This also makes it less likely to produce flying embers that can burn you or a guest. An outdoor fireplace is usually built or added on a concrete, stone or brick patio. The fireplace can block an outdoor view because to the height and mass of the structure. It will be the centerpiece of your patio. With the fireplace being enclosed, it would be easy to light even when it is windy outside. An outdoor fireplace creates a cozy, romantic atmosphere that is more enjoyable by a couple or a group of just a few people. The usual temperature of an outdoor fireplace is 180 degrees, which is cooler than a fire pit. You can either have a wood-burning or a gas outdoor fireplace.

Fire Pit

A fire pit is a hole either dug in the ground or within a masonry structure, in which the fire is kept burning and is prevented from spreading. It creates a campfire environment and is most enjoyable with a group of people. It is great for sitting around to make some s’mores, tell each other stories and play an acoustic guitar if you are musically inclined.  A fire pit is low to the ground, so it will not block off the view as an outdoor fireplace will. That is why a fire pit is more popular with homes that come with spectacular views from their own yard. It can reach up to temperatures of 360 degrees, which is much hotter than a fireplace. A fire pit, however, is harder to light and maintain a burning fire in windy conditions while an outdoor fireplace has no problem with windy weather. A fire pit can also be wood-burning or use gas.

Knowing these differences will help you pick which one will be best for your home. If you need more help choosing which one is best for your home, then contact us and get the professional help that your home deserves. Want to include both in your backyard remodel? We can help with that as well!

Questions to Ask Before Building a Swimming Pool

Summer is just around the corner, but it is not too late to get a custom swimming pool into your backyard to enjoy summer barbecues, 4th of July picnics, and the long hot weeks of August. If you are thinking about getting a custom swimming pool and turning your backyard into a summer living space, consider these questions to help plan your custom swimming pool this summer.

Can We Afford a Custom Swimming Pool?

Questions to Ask Before Building a Swimming Pool

This is a very good question to ask when considering exterior renovations like a custom swimming pool. Besides the pool itself, there are many other items to consider. Will you want an outdoor kitchen to create the perfect venue for neighborhood pool parties? How about a firepit and an outdoor living room for the evenings after a day in the pool? These items all impact your overall budget and the answer to the question of affordability. Here are a few items to think about when establishing your budget for a custom pool:

  • Pool Size
  • Amenities and Custom Add-Ons
  • Fencing Requirements
  • Location
  • Permits
  • Ongoing Pool Maintenance

Who will use the pool?

After you have looked at your budget for the whole pool project, you need to consider your family’s usage of the pool. School-age children may use the pool through the summer as a way to get their energy out. Health conscious adults may also use it for exercise and some people just love to throw a good party. The planning and pool design will be different for how it is used. Either way, it’s best to work with a pool company that has a variety of experience in meeting your backyard needs.

Who will build the swimming pool?

The best way to locate pool builders who are committed to quality construction is to ask for referrals from friends and family. Also be sure to check their reviews on the Better Business Bureau and Google. Once you have narrowed down your list of pool builders, it’s good to check their portfolio and see what types of pools they build.

For more information on custom pool design, please contact us today.

3 Kid-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

When creating a landscape design with children in mind, there are certain things that you may want to include. This make the landscape design not only fun for them, but it helps to make sure it is safe for them as well. Here are 3 kid-friendly landscape design ideas.

3 Kid-Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

In-Ground Trampoline

One awesome kid-friendly landscape idea is an in-ground trampoline. This gives your kids the fun experience of jumping on the trampoline, but makes it much safer for them. A large hole that is the same diameter and height of your trampoline will be dug into the ground and then your trampoline is carefully placed inside this space. The landscape design around this hole can include stone or brick work, rocks, or whatever else you’d like to make the space look aesthetically pleasing and finished.

Rubber Tire Mulch Playground Area

Another awesome feature to include in your kid-friendly landscape design is a playground area filled with rubber tire mulch. The playground itself can include a slide, swings, a rope bridge, a rock wall, or whatever you think your children will enjoy. The rubber tire mulch is perfect for ground cover because it is a recycled resource that is excellent for the environment and it provides a good amount of padding for children to play on. This is very important if they accidentally fall. You can then create a barrier between this area and the rest of your landscape using a cement divider, a metal divider, stones, etc.

Splash Pad

If you want to get really creative, you can incorporate a splash pad into your landscape design. Textured pavers or brushed concrete are excellent options for the actual pad because they are slip-resistant and safe for your children to run and play on. You can then have several sprayers installed that squirt water at different times and distances. This creates a lot of fun for your kids and allows them to play safely in the water.

For more kid-friendly landscape design ideas, visit us at Texas Outdoor Oasis.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Backyard

When the weather turns pleasant, there’s nothing more enjoyable than indulging in a great meal outdoors with family or friends. Instead of hauling food out from your home’s kitchen, you should consider having an outdoor kitchen built.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Backyard

Advantages of an Outdoor Kitchen

A kitchen will give you and your family an incentive to spend more time together outside the house and in the fresh air. An outdoor kitchen also provides a perfect place to entertain with plenty of space for everyone to mingle. A kitchen outside will add value to your property, making it worth the investment. If you ever sell your home, buyers will love such a feature and will pay more for your house.

Equipment Needs for your Kitchen

The most important feature of any outdoor kitchen is the grill. Choose the best one with the most features that you can afford. You’ll also want a small refrigerator to hold drinks and other items that you need to keep cold or fresh. A sink is another necessity that you’ll need, so you can rinse vegetables, clean utensils, and wash your hands. You should also consider adding storage cabinets for dishes and other items.

Design Aspects

You can have an open or covered kitchen design. However, if your kitchen is covered, you’ll get more use out of the space, and it will also look better. If you don’t have room for the kitchen on your patio, have a free-standing kitchen built in your yard with a cover. Select gorgeous stonework for the surround and stainless steel for all of your equipment. Beautiful granite countertops will provide the prep area you’ll need.

For more information about having an outdoor kitchen built in your backyard, please contact us today. We’re always happy to address any questions you have. Our team will design a gorgeous outdoor kitchen that your family can enjoy for years to come.

3 Patio Design Tips When You Want to Entertain Guests

Designing the perfect patio can be tough when your current yard doesn’t have an outdoor space that you like spending time in. When you have a lot of ideas, but aren’t sure where to start with designing the patio, it’s a good idea to focus on what you’d like the space to do. If your main goal is to entertain guests outside, consider some of the following ideas for a custom patio.

3 Patio Design Tips When You Want to Entertain Guests

Include Ample Seating

When you want to entertain guests, it’s vital for you to include as much seating as possible for the number of guests that you’ll be regularly entertaining. Having limited seating can be an awkward situation and can lead to discomfort, making it important for you to choose a seating arrangement that will be appropriate for the number of guests you expect to have.

Prioritize Good Lighting

When you’re hosting a party that goes well into the night, you need to make sure that there is plenty of lighting to keep the space inviting. It can be frustrating for the sun to go down and for you to find that your patio is too dimly lit in order to enjoy serving drinks and having snacks. Making sure to have some outdoor lighting installed can help keep the space brightly lit and ensure that there won’t be any issues getting around.

Make Sure Patio Has Enough Room

One of the most essential parts of designing the right patio is making sure you have enough room to entertain. Having a lot of features that interrupt the flow makes hard to enjoy the space. It’s important to leave the design to a professional.

Having a custom patio built in your yard can make an enormous difference in how the space looks and how much you enjoy spending time outside. Contact us if you have any questions about getting started with designing your dream patio.

How to Minimize Yard Work and Enjoy Outdoor Living

It’s nice to have a sizable lawn, but the yard work can quickly become burdensome. Various machines may expedite these tasks. However, you’ll have to spend time buying and maintaining them. An easier, more satisfying way to minimize yard work is to invest in a large patio.

How to Minimize Yard Work and Enjoy Outdoor Living

Less Upkeep

Like almost anything, a patio isn’t completely maintenance-free. You might have to rake or blow leaves off its floor from time to time. It also needs occasional cleaning; hard, flat surfaces make this task relatively easy to accomplish.

Unlike a yard, it doesn’t have anything to mow, trim, fertilize or water. You won’t need to pull any weeds in this area. The surface materials also prevent insects and rodents from building nests. You aren’t likely to have any ants crawl up your leg.

Wild or domesticated animals may add to your yard work when they decide to excavate the lawn. Dogs and other creatures may damage your grass and create unsightly holes. Fortunately, they can’t do this to a patio.

These outdoor living areas are less vulnerable to changing weather than grass or shrubbery, yet you can still enjoy natural surroundings. You could decorate a patio with potted plants if you desire some greenery, and nearby trees can provide the area with shade.

Take It Easy

With less yard work, you’ll be able to set aside more time for relaxation, reading, music, barbecues or other recreation. A patio cover provides a great place to enjoy these activities. You only need to add some outdoor furniture and a grill.

If you’d like to turn a portion of your lawn into an eye-catching custom patio, we can help. Our professional staff knows how to create a variety of attractive, durable outdoor living areas at competitive prices. Please contact us today for more details regarding this service.

Make Your Oasis A Texas Outdoor Oasis

Summer time in Texas is just around around the corner. That means it is time to start thinking about how you will beat the heat with some summer fun and Texas Outdoor Oasis wants to help you do it!

Make Your Oasis A Texas Outdoor Oasis

Summer is a time to host parties and invite all your friends and family over to cook out and chill out. Texas Outdoor Oasis wants to give you the perfect pool and patio space so that your place is the only place your friends and family think of when it’s finally time to relax.  We can help you to design a beautiful pool area with landscaping that wows and a patio that will keep everybody cool.  With over 20 years in the business, Texas Outdoor Oasis can help you create your own personal piece of Heaven with an outdoor kitchen, covered patio, custom pool, and the most elegant landscaping to accentuate it all.  We can come up with a layout and design for you or they will help you make your dream come to life.

Our financing options can work with any budget including above ground or in ground pools.  If you just need something simple to keep the kids occupied while they are out of school, we can make sure your pool is simple but strong.  Texas Outdoor Oasis will not only deliver, but will put together a pool that is safe for everyone so that you never have to worry about complications while doing it alone.

Texas Outdoor Oasis is located in Wylie, Texas and has done work all over the DFW area. Our staff consists of experienced landscape professionals, licensed irrigation specialists, exterior construction personnel, masonry specialist, and professional design staff that can make any dream a reality no matter how simple or elaborate.  We will take time to ensure your every want and need is met!

Check out our portfolio to see all the amazing projects we have completed and get ideas on what we can do for you next.  Once you’re ready to get started, contact Texas Outdoor Oasis to help you create your own personal oasis!

Increase the Value of Your Home with a Custom Patio Cover

If you and your family spend a good deal of time outdoors, you should consider getting a custom cover for your patio. A custom patio cover will add significant value to your home in multiple ways.

Increase the Value of Your Home with a Custom Patio Cover

Advantages of Patio Covers

Many types of benefits come with choosing a patio cover. A custom cover will add overall value to your property, which is something every homeowner can appreciate. It will give you a significant return on your investment should you ever decide to sell your home, making it a worthwhile addition. With a custom patio cover, you and your family will also get more enjoyment value out of your outdoor space. Such a cover will provide a comfortable entertainment area that everyone will love. The protection from the weather that it will provide is an added advantage. Because of these features, you will spend more time outdoors with family and friends, enjoying the fresh air.

The Look of a Custom Patio Cover

Nothing surpasses the beauty of a stylish structure made from redwood, cedar, or maple wood, which are popular choices with homeowners for a patio cover. A design built specifically to cover your patio in the most attractive way possible will result in a much better appearance than a standard, inexpensive-looking patio cover. You can have a custom cover built to match the roofline of your home. This design choice will give it a seamless appearance as if the cover was always a part of your house. You can also enhance a custom patio cover’s support posts with gorgeous stonework to elevate its appearance even further.

For more information about custom patio covers, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss the options available and help you decide on the best patio cover for your home.

3 Reasons to Have Landscaping in the Dormant Season

It’s almost winter, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping can wait. Starting your spring cleaning while your property’s plants are still dormant is a great way to keep them healthy. Here’s how professional landscapers can help with your landscaping in the dormant season:

3 Reasons to Have Landscaping in the Dormant Season

1. Fruit trees need “dormant oil” before they wake up.

If your property has some fruit trees, they can be a lot of hard work. But they give you a great payout in flowers and attracting visitors to your business. So make sure you start your preparations early and schedule landscaping in February and March. Fruit trees need a bit of late winter pruning, and they also need oil to prevent mites and scale. Professional landscapers know which materials are right for each season.

2. When checking plants for damage, earlier is better.

Winter can be hard on all your plants. That includes your trees, your shrubs, and your flower beds. When the weather starts to turn, have your landscapers do a comprehensive survey of the trunks and branches. If there was heavy snow this winter, there is a risk that some of the plants have cracked branches. Younger wooden plants may also have sunscald. If your landscapers have the opportunity to start treating the damage before the plants wake up for spring, you can still have a beautiful spring.

3. Your soil needs to be prepared for grass.

Grass doesn’t always grow on its own. If your soil is usually supplemented by fertilizers, then it needs even more preparation at the end of winter. Talk to your landscapers about delayed fertilizers that can be added before the first growth. Landscapers can also clean out the soil from snow melting chemicals and rock salt.

An early start makes your home stand out once the spring season starts. Go to Texas Outdoor Oasis to schedule an inspection or schedule regular services.