3 Reasons to Have Landscaping in the Dormant Season

It’s almost winter, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping can wait. Starting your spring cleaning while your property’s plants are still dormant is a great way to keep them healthy. Here’s how professional landscapers can help with your landscaping in the dormant season:

3 Reasons to Have Landscaping in the Dormant Season

1. Fruit trees need “dormant oil” before they wake up.

If your property has some fruit trees, they can be a lot of hard work. But they give you a great payout in flowers and attracting visitors to your business. So make sure you start your preparations early and schedule landscaping in February and March. Fruit trees need a bit of late winter pruning, and they also need oil to prevent mites and scale. Professional landscapers know which materials are right for each season.

2. When checking plants for damage, earlier is better.

Winter can be hard on all your plants. That includes your trees, your shrubs, and your flower beds. When the weather starts to turn, have your landscapers do a comprehensive survey of the trunks and branches. If there was heavy snow this winter, there is a risk that some of the plants have cracked branches. Younger wooden plants may also have sunscald. If your landscapers have the opportunity to start treating the damage before the plants wake up for spring, you can still have a beautiful spring.

3. Your soil needs to be prepared for grass.

Grass doesn’t always grow on its own. If your soil is usually supplemented by fertilizers, then it needs even more preparation at the end of winter. Talk to your landscapers about delayed fertilizers that can be added before the first growth. Landscapers can also clean out the soil from snow melting chemicals and rock salt.

An early start makes your home stand out once the spring season starts. Go to Texas Outdoor Oasis to schedule an inspection or schedule regular services.

10 Awesome Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool

10 Awesome Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool

1. Vacation is in the backyard

Relaxation is one of the most commonly cited reasons to go on vacation. Yet, they can often be a source of stress in themselves. Studies show they can stress you out more than you were before. Why not make it a staycation? With your own swimming pool, you can have the best part of vacation without the hassle of traveling.

2. Family Time

Thanks to all the new technology out there today, it is harder than ever to truly spend real quality time with your family. TV, cell phones and gaming consoles are all vying for their attention. This is what’s so great about owning a pool. There’s no room for distractions. Many even attest to improving relationships with family thanks to time spent in the pool.

3. Fitness

Simply put, swimming is one of the best exercises anyone can do. It is easy, low impact, and burns a lot of calories. This is especially true for your children. They will not be going into the pantry to look for snacks to eat out of boredom, they will spend hours a day playing games in the pool.

4. Stress Relief

The negative effects of stress on health are well known. This is worth noting whenever thinking about whether a pool would be a good investment. Being in and around a pool is easily one of the best natural stress relievers there is.

5. Kids’ Bedtime

It can often be hard for children to fall asleep easily, especially in the summer months.  There are few things that will tire a kid out more than playing in the pool all day. They might end up so tired, you won’t even need to remind them to head to bed!

6. Community Activities

Pool ownership can be a fantastic thing for anybody interested in getting to know their community better. You can use your pool to host church and youth group activities in addition so much more.

7. Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy refers to treatments or exercises done in the water for therapeutic purposes. It can be a blessing for many with fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy and other conditions.

8. A Reason to Stay Home

As kids grow up and start to do their own thing, parents sometimes worry what they are up to. Being the parents who have a pool will bring your kid’s friends to your house. It is always a good thing to know your kid’s friends better.

9. The Grandchildren Will Love It

Nothing will bring your grandchildren to the house quite like a pool. In fact, it might work almost too well!

10. Increase Your Home’s Value

According to The National Association of Realtors, an in-ground swimming pool adds about 5% value to your property. This can add up significantly if your house is valued at $300,000 or above.

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Watering Your Lawn During Drought Restrictions

Green grass is one of the clearest signs of a well-maintained neighborhood, and common green areas fall under the responsibility of most neighborhoods’ homeowners’ associations. But if your region is in the middle of a drought, the grass can dry out and turn patchy in a matter of days. If your city also posts watering restrictions in response to the drought, it can be even harder to keep the neighborhood green.

When those drought restrictions come into place, the first thing you should do is call your landscaping company. Here are three things they can do to help:

Watering Your Lawn During Drought Restrictions

1. Install smart irrigation systems to stretch water further.

Older sprinkler systems won’t water grass effectively. Not only can they over- and under-water different sections of grass, a lot of water is wasted along the way. Arcs of water that shoot through the air lose a lot of water to evaporation. But drip irrigation systems keep the water close to the ground. They also ensure a more even spread of water gets to the grass.

Your landscaping team can also install smart irrigation systems, which waters the grass during the early morning or at dusk. They can also measure the soil to water the neighborhood green areas only when they need it.

2. Add landscaping elements to protect exposed grass.

When the sun beats down on unprotected grass, the grass loses water faster. Talk to your landscapers about adding hedges, trees, and bushes to protect the grass. Hardy, native plants also need less water so more can be saved for the remaining grass. Hardscaping elements like paths, benches, and gazebos also break up grassy areas and look great whether or not there’s a drought.

3. Replace needy grass species with hardier varieties.

If your neighborhood’s landscaping was initially handled by a national company, they might have installed the wrong types of grass. A local company can switch it out for native species that stay green even during a water shortage. Local varieties of grass are also less susceptible to disease, pests, and weather changes.

Call Texas Outdoor Oasis today! We can answer any questions you may have about drought restrictions and irrigation systems.

Prepare Your Yard for a Fire Pit with Some Landscaping

Having a fire pit put into your backyard can be a great way to enjoy some warmth when you like spending a lot of time outdoors. The right fire pit can also add a lot of ambiance to the yard, but it does require some concern in order for it to be as safe as possible.

Prepare Your Yard for a Fire Pit with Some Landscaping

When you intend on having a fire feature put in your yard, consider the following tips for improving the landscaping ahead of time.

Relocate Some Nearby Shrubs

If there are any shrubs near the patio area, you need to consider the fire risk if any embers fly out. Dry shrubs can quickly catch fire if they’re too close to the fire when you’re using it. With this in mind, you can have the shrubs relocated to reduce the risk of fire.

Get Flat Paving Underneath

Having a fire pit on an uneven surface can lead to it being wobbly and not being as structurally sound as you want for safety reasons. If you’re eager to make sure that it is as safe of an addition as possible, you’ll want the area underneath to be flattened out as needed.

Make Sure Seating is Included

When you’re just beginning to make design plans for the fire pit, you need to make sure that the patio includes space for seating. By making sure the landscaping accommodates for space to have seating put in, you can make sure the fire feature is accessible without cutting into the grassy area next to the fire pit for seating.

If you’re eager to have a fire pit in your yard, you need to make sure that it will be a safe addition. Along with considering the above tips, feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

3 Signs Nature Is Trying to Take Back Your Hardscapes

Large commercial hardscapes are built to last. Not only are they durable features, builders often add layers of materials underneath them to make the features last even longer. But sometimes nature tries to take back the hardscaping, especially if your property has a mix of soft and hard landscaping features. Here are 3 signs you need to call in professional maintenance:

3 Signs Nature Is Trying to Take Back Your Hardscapes

1. Grass is growing between the stones.

We’ve all seen grass grow in impossible locations like between the slabs of a major road or even between a building and the surrounding sidewalk. Grass can even find a way to wedge between the pavers or stones of your hardscaping features. Good builders insert industrial grade barriers between the features and the ground, but grass seeds can find purchase even on top of the stones and start to push down. Call in a professional maintenance team before the stones separate.

2. You notice cracks or tilts.

Over time, stone pathways and sitting areas made of pavers will start to settle just like a concrete foundation. Sometimes the stones will tilt apart from each other or settle at different heights. This can make your hardscape paths uncomfortable to walk on or hard for people in wheelchairs to use. Once you or your tenants see cracks or uneven stones, start repairs as soon as possible.

3. The features are near a pond.

Hardscaping features next to a pond are perfect for almost every property. Whether you have an office park or a multi-tenant property, everybody likes to sit or walk around a pond. But the combination demands constant maintenance. If you have any hardscaping near a water feature, plan on annual or semi-annual maintenance to keep everything in place.

Go to Texas Outdoor Oasis to schedule regular hardscaping maintenance and repairs for sudden developments.

6 Privacy Ideas to Create a Backyard Oasis

Our backyard should be our own oasis. But in the “urban jungle,” backyard privacy can be difficult to find. Here are 6 landscaping ideas that can improve the privacy in your yard and guarantee your own backyard oasis.

6 Privacy Ideas to Create a Backyard Oasis

1 – Screening Trees or Hedges

Screening trees or hedges are a natural option for creating backyard privacy. However, there are hundreds of different privacy plants that can be used so your options are endless. Your local greenhouse or tree nursery can help identify what plants will grow well in your area.

2 – Fences

A fence not only can make it more difficult for your neighbors to see inside your backyard, but it also has many other benefits, such as creating a boundary for your pets. You can hire a local company to build your fence or even build your own privacy fence. To be effective at creating privacy, a good fence must be at least 6 feet tall; any shorter and most people will be able to see right over it.

3 – Masonry Walls

Just like fences, masonry walls can be a great privacy option. However, masonry walls also make great retainer walls, which can be used to correct runoff drainage issues or simply add interest with landscaping.

4 – Water Feature

Water features, like freestanding or wall fountains, add privacy because the constantly moving water creates a lot of background noise. This “white noise” won’t distracts from your own activities but will make it hard for any of your neighbors to overhear you. And many consider the sound of moving water to be very relaxing.

5 – Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains can not only be a great option to improve the privacy on your patio or deck but they are also becoming more popular as a home décor trend. Curtains can be ideal to soften some of the hardscape. But ensure that you use outdoor curtain fabric that won’t fade in the sun.

6 – Bamboo

Bamboo is a more natural solution to the privacy fence. When planted in an appropriate climate, Bamboo can grow very densely and at an impressive rate. But beware, bamboo can become invasive if not carefully controlled. Some homeowners may opt to grow bamboo in containers to help control bamboo’s natural ability to spread and take over its surrounding.

Hopefully, by including some of these landscaping ideas, you can not only improve the privacy of your backyard but also find that elusive backyard oasis. Contact us to find your own backyard oasis today.

Design an Amazing Stone Waterfall on Your Property

One of the most soothing things that you can do is look at or listen to a gentle waterfall. Imagine the beautiful sight of water cascading over a structure of natural stone and the relaxing sound of that water falling into a shallow pool. Such a waterfall will help to ease the stress of your day. To experience this, you don’t need to go on vacation. You can have a small waterfall constructed right on your property. Design an Amazing Stone Waterfall on Your Property

Design an Amazing Stone Waterfall on Your Property

Garden Stone Waterfall

If you have a garden, you can design a waterfall among your plants. You can have it built right in the center or adjacent to your garden area. Use gorgeous, custom stone for the base and allow the water to tumble down over the feature into a lovely pool. Highlighted by the greenery of the garden, the waterfall will become a focal point in your backyard.

Corner Waterfall

A waterfall will also look fabulous in any corner of your backyard that appears too barren. With gorgeous natural stone as its base, a structure where the water flows freely down into a pond will become your favorite spot in the background. Arrange a few chairs around this feature to create a charming gathering space for your family and friends.

Swimming Pool Waterfall

You can also have a more significant waterfall built as part of your swimming pool area. Everyone will be in awe of such a structure in your backyard. You’ll feel like you’re at a resort hotel every day of the year. Have a waterfall constructed with various levels and interesting angles for a marvelous result, where the water cascades right into your pool.

For more information about getting a waterfall on your property, please contact us today. A gorgeous waterfall will be a feature that you can enjoy for many years. It will give your home a distinctive look that will become the envy of the entire neighborhood.

3 Things You Need From Your Next Patio Cover

If your patio doesn’t have shade, it can be hard to relax. The heavy summer sun makes the outside unbearable, and even bright winter afternoons need a bit of shade. If you want to add a patio cover to your backyard, add these three requirements to your must-have list.

3 Things You Need From Your Next Patio Cover

1. A permit for permanent construction.

If you’re adding a permanent structure to your property, you often need permission from your city or county. Depending on your neighborhood, you might even need permission from your homeowners’ association.

So once you decide that an umbrella just doesn’t cut it, look for a professional company that can file for the right permits and can make sure your patio cover is above board. Also, make sure the company has adequate insurance coverage so that everything is handled properly.

2. A wide enough cover for late afternoon sun protection.

Even if you live in the northern part of Texas, you have a lot of sunlight all year long. Because the mornings and evenings have sunlight from such sharp angles, your patio cover needs to do more than just match up with the edges of your patio. Make sure it’s designed to give you shade from the sun at all hours of the day by extending past the edge of the platform.

3. Material that benefits your home’s resale value.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your property anytime soon, every construction and renovation project needs to be made with your property’s value in mind. Texas house prices are skyrocketing, especially if you live near a major metropolitan area. Look into design and material options that fit your personal preferences. But also make sure your final choices aren’t so custom that they will restrict demand or lower the selling price in the future. This means choosing materials that are durable, have lots of aesthetic appeal, and can reliably keep your patio shaded for years.

Texas Outdoor Oasis has all of these requirements covered. Contact our team here to schedule an appointment so we can help make your patio comfortable before the seasons change.

Include a Gorgeous, Outdoor Fireplace on Your Patio

If you love to spend time outdoors, but it becomes uncomfortable when the weather turns cooler, then you should consider having an outdoor fireplace built on your patio. An outdoor fireplace will add beauty to your property regardless of the time of year, and it comes with several advantages that you and your family will love.

Include a Gorgeous, Outdoor Fireplace on Your Patio

An Outdoor Fireplace Creates a Cozy Atmosphere

Nothing creates a cozier feeling than a fireplace. The glow of the flames will become mesmerizing as you watch the fire jump and change shape. The crackling sounds and warmth will soothe you, allowing you to relax completely. Even the irresistible smell of the fire can bring back pleasant memories of bygone days or can help to create new memories with your family and friends.

A Fireplace Becomes a Focal Point

Every space needs a focal point that will grab people’s attention. A gorgeous fireplace on your patio will immediately serve as the focal point of your outdoor space. This spot will now become the place where everyone will want to gather. With a nice sitting area designed in front of the fire, you can create a comfortable and inviting gathering place for people to spend time.

A Fireplace Adds Value

Whenever you renovate a portion of your property, whether inside or outside, you always want to add function and appeal. When you do this, you also add value to your home. An outdoor fireplace is a fabulous choice and will always increase the worth of your residence. If you decide to sell your house in the future, you’ll get an excellent return on your investment, making such a fireplace a decision that you won’t regret.

For more information about getting a gorgeous, outdoor fireplace for your patio, please contact us today. We can use various types of natural or pre-cast stone to accent the beauty of your home.

3 Ways to Stop Outdoor Furniture from Scratching Your Patio

No outdoor living space is complete without a good set of furniture. But all of those chairs and table legs can do a lot of damage to the floor if you don’t protect it ahead of time. If you’re redesigning the space, there are plenty of options you can choose to protect both the floor itself and to minimize the risk of damage your patio furniture can cause.

3 Ways to Stop Outdoor Furniture from Scratching Your Patio

1. Find a more scratch-resistant surface.

Concrete and wood are hard to protect from scratches, but there are plenty of tiles you can choose from that give you a longer-lasting finish. Porcelain tiles are rated for hardness and come in almost every pattern and texture. Natural stone and concrete overlays also stand up better to scratches and impact.

If you love the look of a wooden deck, keep the style with wood-like tiles. You can also build multiple levels into your patio with different flooring materials and keep the softer furniture on the wooden portion.

2. Protect the patio with an outdoor rug.

It’s also becoming popular to add outdoor rugs to outdoor living spaces. This lets you keep your patio options open. It also adds a splash of color to your backyard and makes it every to change your space’s style across the seasons. You can also break up your outdoor living space into different sections.

3. Find feet for your furniture.

If you want to make sure your furniture can’t damage any surface the pieces sit on, find epoxy or rubber feet for the furniture. That makes it a breeze to move furniture around during outdoor parties without worrying about damage.

Don’t let the risk of scratches or impact damage hold back your design options. Designers and tradesmen at Texas Outdoor Oasis can help you pick the perfect combination of tiles and protective options so your outdoor living space is built to last. Contact us here to get started.