3 Great Reasons To Install A Patio Onto The Back Of Your Home

If you are considering the idea of hiring a patio builder to create and build a patio for your home, this is a wonderful idea. A patio has a lot to offer you and hiring a professional to install it for you will ensure that it is done correctly and meets all of your wants and needs. Here are three great reasons to install a patio onto the back of your home.

3 Great Reasons To Install A Patio Onto The Back Of Your Home

You’ll Enjoy Your Backyard More 

One great reason to install a patio on the back of your home is so that you can enjoy your backyard more. A patio gives you a place to relax while you are in your backyard. Between the comfortable furniture that you can add to your patio, and the patio overhang that provides shade and protection from the elements, you get a very relaxing experience each time you decide to go outside and spend time on your patio.

Perfect For Entertaining

Another awesome reason to install a patio is so you can easily entertain family and friends. The patio gives you a large area outdoors where you can hang out, dance, cook, and otherwise gather for a good time. This means that even if you don’t have enough space indoors for you event, you can still gather outdoors and enjoy yourself.

It Adds Value To Your Home 

Lastly, installing a patio does an excellent job of adding more value to your home. This is possible because the patio increases the living space of your home and also makes your backyard more desirable, thus allowing it to appraise for more. This means that you get to enjoy your patio and also feel comfort knowing that you will receive a return on investment if you ever decide to sell your home.

To learn more great reasons to install a patio onto the back of your home, or to hire a patio builder to get started creating your patio today, visit us at Texas Outdoor Oasis.

3 Great Reasons To Include Landscape Lighting

There are so many cool features that you can add to your landscape design to really enhance it and make it more appealing to all who see it. One feature that you should definitely consider is lighting. Landscape lighting can really help to take your landscape design to a whole new level. Here are three reasons why you should incorporate it.

3 Great Reasons To Include Landscape Lighting

It Makes Your Yard Safer At Night 

One excellent reason to install landscape lighting is to make your yard safer at night. Having a yard without any light in it is dangerous for multiple reasons. For one thing, you may not be able to get around your yard without tripping and potentially harming yourself. You may also be more of a target for burglars because they know they can easily hide in your dark yard.

You Can Entertain Easier 

If you have landscape lighting, this will make entertaining into the night much easier for you. The lights can be installed anywhere you’d like in your yard,  such as around your patio, along the walkways, etc. This means that you can grill outside, play games in the yard, dance, or anything else that you like.

Increase Your Yard’s Aesthetic Appeal

Landscape lighting can go a long way in increasing the beauty of your landscape. You can place landscape lighting to light up your walkways and create a beautiful elegant path and you can also put spotlights on the gorgeous flower beds, fountains, or other beautiful features of your yard. The lights themselves can also be made to look beautiful and elegant, such as globes, leaf-shaped lights, and strip lights.

To learn more reasons why you should incorporate landscape lighting into your yard, or to get your lighting installed today, visit us at Texas Outdoor Oasis.

Transform Your Yard With Professional Landscape Design

A yard isn’t an outdoor living space until you personalize it to fit your household’s lifestyle. With planning and professional design, you can easily transform your yard into the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Transform Your Yard With Professional Landscape Design

A Great Outdoor Oasis Requires Planning

Some homeowners skip the planning and design phases to jump right into making changes to their yard. That’s a sure road to disappointment. Planning is the first step toward the end goal: your happiness with the final product. The planning phase is the time to ask yourself what are the things you want most from outdoor living. Your answer could be a space for entertaining or relaxing alone. Homeowners often want a multi-purpose space that enhances their lifestyle in many ways.

Designing Your Space Isn’t a DIY Project

Home improvement television shows make designing an outdoor space look like an easy DIY project. It’s not. When you’re ready for the design phase, it’s time to contact the professionals. Home exterior service companies like Texas Outdoor Oasis have professional designers who use their knowledge of design principles to turn your goals from the planning phase into a masterpiece. Also, a designer prevents homeowners from making rookie mistakes and can suggest solutions the homeowner didn’t know existed.

Your Vision Plus Excellent Design Equals Success

After listening carefully to your expectations for your project, your designer offers options to realize your vision. Your designer adds value to the project by addressing issues that you may not have considered. Drainage, plant selection to minimize maintenance, or maximizing the efficiency of the layout are examples of issues that aren’t on most homeowners’ radar screen. And that’s okay. Having someone on your team who can anticipate problems and prevent them is the advantage of working with experienced professionals.

When you’re ready to take your yard from the ordinary to an oasis, contact us for a free estimate.

Redesign Your Pool Landscape into a Backyard Paradise

Even though the calendar says Autumn is approaching, Texans have plenty of time to retreat to their pool in the coming weeks. It’s also the perfect time to plan to add a little extra luxury to your private backyard paradise.

Redesign Your Pool Landscape into a Backyard Paradise

Experts at Texas Outdoor Oasis can add self-contained units that include water features, or a gorgeous waterfall.

Flowering plants coupled with energy-saving LED lighting can create a private tropical paradise where you can while away a long summer afternoon, or a balmy fall evening.

Maybe your offspring have grown from perpetual splashers to occasionally taking a dip when they are home from college, why not update the backyard with new plants, a waterfall or pergola that offer more privacy from the neighbors and provide a refuge to reignite your romance?

Consult with our experts to create an inviting area that meets the changing needs of your family and improves your resale value.

If you already have an awesome outdoor kitchen, talk with us about adding an infinity pool to give the barbecue master a fabulous view.

New pavers or native rock that lead the way to a shady lounge where you or your guests can enjoy the quiet gurgles from the waterfall are just one way you can renovate without breaking the budget.

Plant a bed of lavender or other fragrant plants and you will have year-round aromatherapy while your hot tub whirls away any aches and pains at the end of the work day.

Visit with our designers today to learn how they can create shade and maximize privacy with a vine-covered trellis. Our team can also suggest landscaping that reduces that amount of lawn maintenance needed, protects your swimmers from insects, or lighting that makes your pool area the perfect entertainment area after the sun goes down.

Texas Outdoor Oasis can create or renovate the perfect backyard for you today. Contact us today.


Why Are Outdoor Kitchens So Popular Now?

The open-air kitchen has become an increasingly fashionable alternative to a basic barbecue grill. To understand why so many homeowners have decided to construct this outdoor living space, consider these benefits to having outdoor kitchens:

Why Are Outdoor Kitchens So Popular Now?

1. Greater amenities result in fewer trips to the indoor kitchen. For example, you could keep sauces and beverages in an outdoor refrigerator. This improves safety and cooking results because you can monitor the grill more carefully.

2. Many open-air kitchens offer several of the same major features as their indoor counterparts. They provide sinks, storage compartments and lights. A high-end design might include a dishwasher as well.

3. There are only so many meals you can prepare with a grill. A sophisticated outdoor kitchen may provide more options. For example, it might have a pizza oven, rotisserie, boiler or cooktop. This makes it possible to cook foods ranging from lobster to baked beans.

4. Unlike indoor equipment, the grill and other appliances produce heat that stays outdoors. This means you won’t need to cool down your home with fans or air conditioning after you finish cooking dinner.

5. Some open-air kitchens have roofs that protect them from the weather. You can keep preparing a meal when raindrops unexpectedly begin to fall. A roof may also prove desirable if you need some shade in bright sunlight.

6. As a result of their popularity, open-air kitchens increase the desirability and selling prices of homes. This project represents an appealing investment if you have plans to resell your house.

7. These advantages enable you to cook meals outdoors much more often. A mundane task becomes far more inspiring, and you can avoid spending time indoors during nice weather.

It’s crucial to select materials and equipment that stand up to outdoor conditions. To benefit from professional design and construction, please contact our knowledgeable staff today.

Why An Outdoor Kitchen Is Perfect For Outdoor Gatherings

If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor living space, or simply create a functional and fun outdoor living space, then an outdoor kitchen is perfect for outdoor gatherings. There are so many awesome benefits that come along with installing an outdoor kitchen for outdoor gatherings and three of them will be discussed here.

Why An Outdoor Kitchen Is Perfect For Outdoor Gatherings

Makes Outdoor Gatherings So Much Easier 

When you have an outdoor gathering, food is often a huge element. Having to cook and prepare all of your food inside, and then transporting all of it outside, can often be difficult and time-consuming. You also increase the risk of spilling foods, burning yourself during transport, etc. In contrast, when you have an outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to worry about transporting anything, because all of your preparing, cooking, baking, serving, etc. can be done outside.

You Can Be More Involved While Cooking 

You may feel left out of gatherings if you are inside doing all the food work because you are separated from the group. If you decide to install an outdoor kitchen, it will have all the necessary appliances and tools, such as an oven, stove, fridge, countertop space, cupboards, etc. This allows you to do all the food work that you need to do, while still conversing and interacting with everyone at the gathering. This also makes it easier for guests to help you out in the kitchen because they have easier access to you.

Creates More Outdoor Eating Space

Having an outdoor kitchen creates more space for you and your guests to eat. This is because you have an entire island and/or bar for your guest to sit at, as well as a designated seating area as part of your outdoor dining space. This is perfect for hosting larger gatherings and reduces worries about having enough space.

To learn more reasons why you should install an outdoor kitchen for gatherings, visit us today at Texas Outdoor Oasis.

3 Excellent Reasons To Install An Outdoor Fireplace

If you are in the process of creating the landscape design for your backyard, then you should definitely think about having an outdoor fireplace installed. Here are three excellent reasons why!

3 Excellent Reasons To Install An Outdoor Fireplace

You Can Use It Year Round 

One awesome reason to install a fireplace in your backyard is the fact that you can enjoy it year round. During the summer months you can use it to cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows for s’mores. In the winter time, it is a great source of heat and allows you to spend time outside when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to comfortably. Because you can use your outdoor fireplace at any given time during the year, the investment is well worth it.

It Adds Beauty To Your Landscape Design

Another excellent reason to incorporate a fireplace into your backyard is to beautify your landscape design. The gorgeous stone that creates the fireplace mantle is amazing and can be custom picked by you to match your other outdoor features. You can also choose what kind of outdoor furniture you’d like to place near the fireplace to really complete the space and give it the perfect finished look.

Creates A Place To Gather Outdoors

If you are someone that likes to get together with family and friends often, then an outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to your backyard. This gives you a space outdoors that you can all sit around and enjoy. The fire creates a very comfortable environment, can be used for cooking if you so desire, and is absolutely beautiful to watch. You can also choose how to arrange your seating around the fire to make sure that you always have room for everyone.

If you’d like to learn more about installing an outdoor fireplace, visit us at Texas Outdoor Oasis today!

4 Reasons it’s the Best Time for a Pool Install

While the temperatures here in the Lone Star State may still be scorching; the season of pumpkin spice, trick-or-treating, hayrides, and apple picking is upon us! Before the weather starts cooling down and you forget about the dog days of summer, let us help you plan and install your new custom pool. We offer expert assistance in the design and installation of your new pool and patio. Its the best time for a pool install!

Fall is Here! 4 Reasons it's the Best Time for a Pool Install

Just in Time for Spring

Getting your pool built in fall will ensure installation by the time the weather starts heating up again. Why worry about getting the most out of your pool next year when you can have it ready with plenty of time? Texas Outdoor Oasis will work with you to get every detail to your liking and will have you floating as soon as the temperatures rise.


Fall is a great time for planting and seeding, especially grasses. We can help you create a landscaping design around your custom pool and once your pool is in, we can even take care of all the planting! If you prefer to do the landscaping yourself, what better time than fall, when the weather is just right? This will give the new plants time to get established and growing before the warm weather returns.

Let Texas Outdoor Oasis help you create the beautiful backyard oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Call us today! It really is the best time for a pool install!

Pool Landscaping: Designs and Dynamics

Other than privacy needs and budgetary provisions, which other factors would you consider foremost when constructing or remodeling a swimming pool? Well, you might find that many contractors tend to overlook the prerequisite of sunlight in the outdoor pool design plans.

Pool Landscaping: Designs and Dynamics

A swimming pool design idea should embrace the premier architectural composition of your home, and also the environmental features in the surroundings. For the latter, you can do plenty of things to add dense foliage on the periphery of the pool to provide for seclusion.

Despite the detail and resource demands for such an undertaking, you stand to enjoy several benefits. More so, if you’re living in a place like Wylie, Texas, a landscaped swimming pool would ideally add to the value of your property. Overall, a full package will include; paving, landscaping, and fencing. Here are additional swimming pool landscaping ideas:

Yard Dynamics: Ultimately, specific pool shapes complement the look of particular yards. To a greater extent, rectangular pools tend not to work well in confined spaces or odd-shaped yards. Conversely, you should focus on free-forming swimming pool designs that have no conventional shape in such an area.

Moreover, a detailed analysis of your yard will dictate the dimensions, configuration, view, and feel of the pool. Amid all these considerations, you also have to evaluate the available space and then factor in the proximity of the swimming pool to your home.

Often, a significant number of people have a preference for the free-form pool shapes. More so, because these forms are seemingly more visually appealing. On many occasions, these outlines begin with rectangular configurations. However, as you start to try your hand with circular formations among other geometric shapes, the square dimensions reduce and so does the swimming area.

Thus, to attain the same inherent square swimming area that you would have with a rectangular shaped pool, you have to make the overall size substantially larger.

If you’re looking for a personalized pool landscaping package that will suit your taste, contact Texas Outdoor Oasis for more insights into pool shapes and aesthetics.

Texas Outdoor Oasis Voted Best of Readers’ Choice 2020!

We are thrilled to announce that Texas Outdoor Oasis was voted the “Best Outdoor Structure Company” for 2020! Living Magazine readers submitted votes earlier this year for their favorite businesses in the Rockwall, Richardson, & Murphy communities. This award recognizes the hard work of the Texas Outdoor Oasis team and we honored to be selected.

Our team at Texas Outdoor Oasis is thankful for our customers, friends, and others who voted in support of the work we do!

Texas Outdoor Oasis Voted Best of Readers' Choice 2020!