Partnering With An Expert for Large-Scale Landscaping

Beautiful landscape design can take the “wow” factor of a home to a new level. It is a big part of creating curb (and backyard!) appeal, boosting not only pride but also value for the homeowner. The vast majority of us are not horticulturalists and we do not have broad experience in landscape design. By partnering with a company that specializes in this area, a homeowner can get a beautiful, functional landscape that will thrive and evolve for years to come.

Partnering With An Expert for Large-Scale Landscaping

It Starts With Good Design

Thoughtful planning and design are the first steps in successful landscaping. The right plants must be chosen for the area. Broadly, this means the right plants for the USDA’s hardiness zone; here in North Texas we are zone 8. The hardiness zones are a great starting point, but a good landscape designer will understand the area in much greater detail. They’ll be aware of what bugs or fungi might be common to the area, and will therefore know which plants to avoid. Good landscaping design will also consider sun exposure, which is much more important than many homeowners understand. Topography is another big consideration. For example, well-drained soil is going to be necessary for some plants. Others will do best in soil that stays damp. Places that tend to really hold water must be carefully considered. Sometimes rocks or even a deck platform will be the best solution for such a space.

Landscaping can also be enhanced with decorative gravel and other stonework. Crushed granite makes a beautiful base for an outdoor seating area, keeping the space free of mud, but still retaining a natural look and feel. Larger decorative gravel is not only attractive, it is also often a functional solution for areas that collect rain water, or locations with steep slopes prone to erosion. Larger boulders can be effective, beautiful statement pieces when thoughtfully placed. Flagstone and other pavers can be used to create specific looks and they serve valuable purposes in the yard, including functioning as attractive stepping stones.

Having a sprinkler system designed to support large-scale landscaping is going to ensure the success of the plantings and can save the homeowner substantial money. For example, today’s drip systems are designed to use minimal water, reducing run-off. Specific sprinkler heads are made to cover large areas of sod and can be strategically placed to ensure optimal coverage. Advances in the computerized operating sprinkler systems we see today mean a system can be programmed to water at just the right time and to cancel scheduled watering when rainfall has been adequate for the plantings. Newer systems even offer other advanced features such as automatically adjusting watering tied to the outdoor ambient temperature.

Lighting, too, can have an incredible impact in landscape design. Beyond the safety and functional benefits of illumination, it can really enhance the beauty of an area. For example, up lights in flowerbeds can transform the look of the home at night. Moonlighting in trees can create a nighttime ambiance like no other. Pathway lighting adds charm and interest. And, a spotlight can highlight a tree or piece of art beautifully.

Quality Products and Quality Work

Having the right design in hand is the first step in successful landscaping, but the actual installation of the design elements is just as important. In most cases, soil prepping can make the difference between success and failure. Especially here in the North Texas region, average soil lacks nutrients needed to foster the right growing environment for many plants.

A successful landscaper will have vetted their suppliers. They’ll know where to go for quality plants. They’ll have researched the planting warranties the suppliers offer and will then be able to offer you fair warranties that make sense. The successful landscaper will have suppliers for a variety of rock and other natural materials. They will have established relationships with arborists, nurseries and other suppliers of the staples of landscaping.

An Educated Homeowner Makes the Difference

Having a completed landscape design in place should not be the end of the landscaping process. The homeowner must be educated so as to maintain the environment. (Unless you’re lucky enough to be able to retain the ongoing services of a horticulturalist or gardener.) For example, with all the technological advances in sprinkler technology, the systems of today are not as simple to operate as they once were. The homeowner will want to be fully knowledgeable of the functioning of his sprinkler system, this includes knowing how to program it, including programming it for a variety of seasons. He should understand the operations of the system such that he can disable it should a leak occur and he can tweak it as the landscaping becomes established and as it matures over the years.

The educated homeowner should also have access to the actual design that shows the specific plants and trees installed. There may come times when a specific plant needs to be replaced. Or, there may be a situation where the homeowner wants to elaborate on what was already done. He should be able to quickly identify what was originally planted in an area in order to be able to make his decisions on replacement or enhancement.

It Is Worth the Investment

Having a professionally designed and installed landscape can provide years of enjoyment. Thoughtfully planned and placed trees, shrubs, flowers and rocks can transform a space. Partnering with experts in landscape design safeguards the homeowner’s investment and provides for a design that is not only functional but also beautiful.

Texas Outdoor Oasis is a trusted, experienced landscaper serving the greater DFW area. We’ve been making outdoor spaces beautiful for nearly a decade. Partnering with us, you can be guaranteed spectacular, thoughtful designs, installed by professionals using the best products available. Once the job is complete, we make sure the homeowner can successfully maintain his landscaping for years to come. Give us a call today to discuss your landscaping project!

Use a Pergola to Create an Attractive BBQ Space

Having a dedicated BBQ space in your yard can be a fantastic feature to have during the summer since you’ll likely enjoy being able to cook outdoors in a space that is inviting. As you begin looking for ways to add shade and have a dedicated space for cooking outside, you’ll begin to notice how an installed pergola can be a fantastic fit.

Use a Pergola to Create an Attractive BBQ Space

Open Top Allows Smoke to Escape

Unlike some canopies that are entirely solid on top, pergolas have gaps in the top, helping to allow smoke escape. This can be an ideal feature to look for when you want the pergolas to be suitable for a BBQ space since it can be bad to continue breathing in smoke and fumes from the BBQ. Pergolas can still be solid enough to add shade, while still providing a way for some smoke to escape.

Keep the Pergola Suitable for the Yard

As you look into improving the way that your yard looks, you’ll begin to notice just how varied pergolas can be in design. By choosing a pergola that looks unique and still matches the exterior of your home and other features in your yard, you can ensure that the pergola is actually an enhancement for your yard.

Opportunity for Adding Landscaping

Pergolas, with their open lattice designs, can be ideal for incorporating landscaping into your yard with more foliage. Adding more foliage in the form of climbing vines and other plants that can grow alongside the pergola can add some greenery without the worry that it could be damaging the pergola in any way.

Making a space in your yard that you can enjoy barbequing with friends and family can be as simple as having a pergola installed. Contact us if any questions about picking out a pergola that will be well suited for your yard and will be a good fit for above a BBQ.

Amazing Outdoor Kitchens: 6 Appliances To Get Besides the Grill

When you think about building an outdoor kitchen, the grill is bound to be the first appliance on your mind. While it may be the most important, you can make it even better by thinking about what else you want to go along with it. Figuring out how you’ll use your kitchen is a key question in the design process, and these additional appliances will create an amazing space for family fun and entertaining.

Amazing Outdoor Kitchens: 6 Appliances To Get Besides the Grill

Pizza Oven:

Say goodbye to sitting around hungry waiting for the pizza delivery person to arrive. This popular appliance for custom outdoor kitchens will let you and your loved ones make your own pies, as well as many other recipes. Add in some handy counter space, and you’ll have a prep area for pizza, bread, potato chips or fish.

Side Burners:

A separate side burner will make quick work out of those extra tasks you can do while you’re grilling. Maybe you just want to boil water or you’re grilling a variety of meats and vegetables that need different surfaces.


Pancakes aren’t the only things that are lighter and fluffier when cooked on a griddle. Delight your guests with all kinds of special sandwiches and burgers.


Whether you’re cooking for your own family or throwing big parties, an outdoor sink also makes your life easier. Working with a professional can help you sort out the details for feeding the faucet and drainage. Then, you can enjoy the convenience of being able to wash your hands or rinse off salad greens without making multiple trips indoors.

Ice Maker:

Do you love running to the store for more ice and carrying heavy wet bags home? Your own ice maker will give you an endless supply.


When the festivities are over, you can relax knowing that clean up will be a breeze. Load the dirty dishes as you go along so you can wake up to a tidy sink and counters.

Texas Outdoor Oasis is your source for custom pools, outdoor kitchens, and more. Contact us today to see how we can take the hassle out of designing your home’s exterior.

Adding Sun Protection with the Right Patio Cover

Installing a patio cover in your backyard can be a great way to have a space to cool down, as well as protecting your skin from too much sun exposure. If you’re interested in sprucing up your yard with the right patio cover, there are a number of things that you should look for to be sure that you get the best results when adding sun protection.

Adding Sun Protection with the Right Patio Cover

Make Durability a Top Priority

With the fact that the patio cover will be kept outdoors, you need to keep in mind the kind of damage that it can take from being exposed to the sun, rain, and heavy wind throughout the year. Instead of looking out for the best deal, you need to prioritize patio covers that are built with high-quality materials so that they will be much more durable in the years to come.

Look for Covers That Are More Permanent

When you’re interested in having a patio cover installed in your yard, you’ll find that some are designed to be temporary and are a bit more fragile as a result. Having a cover that you can easily pick up and store away can be convenient in some situations, but it might not be what you had in mind for a patio cover that you would like in your yard permanently.

Keeping an eye out for covers that are built to be more permanent can make them more stable and likely last long as a result.

Avoid Covers That Clash with Your Furnishings

The furnishing on your patio can greatly affect how the patio looks once the cover has been installed. Looking for covers that fit in with the style already present in your yard can make a big difference in how cohesive your yard feels after.

As you look for a patio cover, you may have some questions about the best fit for your patio. Contact us with any questions you have.

Add Value to Your Home‎ With Custom Stonework

The permanency, strength and natural beauty of masonry makes it perfect for large projects like pool walkways, retaining walls, driveways and patios. But it’s also a great choice for smaller, more intimate spaces that aren’t built with visitors in mind, but intended only for you. They’re often fenced or walled off from the rest of the property and accessed from a glass patio door inside a specific room.

Add Value to Your Home‎ With Custom Stonework

The Outdoor Garden

It might contain vegetables or herbs or even dwarf fruit trees. Masonry construction makes it visually interesting and more accessible by using stone step gardens to layer and organize the vegetation. It also helps to control runoff and conceal automatic watering systems. Not only do you have a living painting to look at while in the kitchen, you can slide open the door and pick garden-fresh ingredients for the next meal.

The Meditation Nook

You can be natural or fanciful in your choice of stone, but the floor should be relatively smooth so yoga mats and meditation cushions are on level footing. Beyond that, it’s up to you. A waterfall, a small fish pond, a discretely hidden sound system, scented flowers, perhaps an interesting rock display as a focus point. Paradise right outside your bedroom.

The colors, textures and shapes available when it comes to choosing the type of stone products for your project are too numerous to mention. Our designers and masons will help you make the right choices for your project.

Contact us to start planning an outdoor oasis for your home.

Entertain in Your Yard with the Right Custom Patio Cover

Having a patio space that you love spending time in can be tough when you haven’t put in a lot of effort yet towards landscaping. If you’ve just finished getting new plants in and are considering what changes can be made to your patio, it’s a good idea to look into getting the right custom patio put in. With how enormous of a difference a patio cover can make, consider the following things you should focus on.

Entertain in Your Yard with the Right Custom Patio Cover

Consider the Sunlight 

An enclosed patio cover can look fantastic, but you need to consider how much of a difference it can make in bringing light in. If you want to prioritize bringing in a lot of sunlight to your patio, it’s vital for you to focus on getting a patio cover that has an open design. While this will mean that’s not usable when it’s raining, for example, you can make sure that the light isn’t blocked out.

Pick a Material Suitable for the Weather

Along with looking into how enclosed a patio cover is, you need to also look for patio covers that will be a good fit for the weather. Direct sunlight and regular rainfall can quickly lead to a lot of wear for your patio cover, making it vital for you to choose something that will be durable.

Make Sure the Cover Suits Your Yard

With all the options for patio covers available, you need to consider just how much the cover suits your yard. Picking a similar style to other features in your yard can help make sure that the cover doesn’t look out of place and that it will help tie the different features of your yard in together.

If you’re interested in having a custom patio cover built, feel free to contact us so that you can get started with the new addition to your new patio.

3 Reasons to Consider Building an In-ground Swimming Pool

If you are in the market for a new swimming pool, one of the first things you will have to decide is whether you want an in-ground or an above ground swimming pool. While both types have their benefits, in-ground swimming pools are considered to be the more luxurious option and with that luxury comes some additional benefits that you might not have considered. Here are three reasons why in-ground might be the right choice for your new swimming pool.

3 Reasons to Consider Building an In-ground Swimming Pool

Take Advantage of the Landscape

Above ground pools do come in different shapes and sizes, but once you’ve seen one of them, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Because in-ground swimming pools are installed, well, in the ground, they can take advantage of the surrounding landscape to really craft a unique look. For example, if your yard has a natural slope to it, you could create a pool with two levels and have a waterfall feature that naturally cascades down to the lower level. Regardless of the direction you decide to go, an in-ground pool will simply blend in better with the rest of your landscape instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Long-Term Durability

Yes, in-ground pools do generally cost more than above ground, but with that extra investment comes extra durability. An in-ground pool is usually crafted from much stronger materials than your typical above ground pool and you can expect that your in-ground pool will last for many, many years with proper care.

Safety First

While there are exceptions depending on how and where it is built, most above ground pools require the swimmer to climb up a ladder or at least boost themselves up in order to get in. If you have disabled, elderly, or especially young children in your household, this might not be ideal. Also consider that most above ground pools have the same water depth throughout, which is another potential safety hazard depending on who is using it. An in-ground pool can be designed to allow swimmers to wade in through shallow waters and then the swimmer can decide to go to the deep end only if they feel it is safe to do so.

Contact Texas Outdoor Oasis today for more information on in-ground pool installation.

Why You Need to Custom-Design Your Patio

An outdoor space is not just an outdoor space, especially when it’s attached to your house. If you’ve plans to remodel the patio space or you’re thinking of building one, make this space uniquely yours. The cookie-cutter patio or the patio that resembles every other may be expedient, but why settle for blah when you can custom-design your patio to reflect your taste, lifestyle and personal take on outdoor living?

Why You Need to Custom-Design Your Patio

Here are even more reasons to consider custom patio:

Uniquely Yours

When you customized a patio, you can design it to fit your goals and dreams. Do you want a space that you can retreat to, for some quiet time to de-stress and unwind? Or do you want a space to entertain, to host outdoor gatherings? Or you just want a cozy place to relax and spend quality time with your family? These are considerations and you get to call the shots.

Feature Elements

Yes, you get to pick feature elements that are in line with your dream patio. These hand-picked features will reflect your goals and function of the patio.  Whether it’s an outdoor pizza oven fireplace, a vanishing pool, a cascading waterfall or fire-pit, the possibilities are endless. These feature elements will accentuate the function of the patio and gives it a vibe all its own.

Compatible to House

If the outdoor space is an overflow of the house, it should be congruous to the overall look of the house. A regular patio may look out of place if the materials do not match the integrity of the style. But that is not a problem when you customize the patio. Your builder and you can decide on the materials to use when designing the space. For instance, a Spanish-styled house will look even more stunning when paired with pergolas, trellis, garden pavilions, ceramic elements, tiles and water features.

Built to Size

Nothing looks more incongruous than a patio that is out of proportion to the house. A customized patio will allow you to build a patio that compliments the size of the house. In general, it’s better to build a slightly larger patio than one looks squashed and stunted.

As you know, a beautifully-designed patio, especially one that is functional and aesthetically pleasing as well will add value to your home. It becomes a welcoming sanctuary, a quiet getaway or an entertaining space. If you’re thinking of custom patio, contact us.

3 Landscaping Changes to Make Before Setting Up an Outdoor Fireplace

Getting an outdoor fireplace set up in your yard can be just the thing to make yard cozy and more inviting when it’s cooler outside. If you’ve always wanted an outdoor fireplace, but don’t know how to get started with having it put in, it’s important that you look into what you can do to prepare the rest of your yard for the addition of the fireplace. Below we discuss 3 landscaping changes to make before setting up an outdoor fireplace.

3 Landscaping Changes to Make Before Setting Up an Outdoor Fireplace

Clear Out Any Nearby Landscaping

While you may love having a lot of foliage in your yard, some plants can be a hazard when you consider an open flame or embers from the fireplace. Clearing out any landscaping that’s especially close to the fireplace can help ensure that you don’t need to worry about the risk of a fire spreading to any of your plants in the yard.

Proper Ventilation

Having an overhang above the fireplace can be nice since it can provide some shade during the day and make the fireplace area cozy, but it can also be problematic since you need to make sure that ventilation won’t be an issue. Having an enclosed overhang can lead to there being no place for the smoke to escape, leading to breathing issues when you have a fire going. Pergolas or other overhangs with a lot of airflow can be a much better fit since it will allow the smoke to escape rather than be trapped.

Get Additional Supplies for the Fireplace

As you look into having a fireplace put in your yard, you need to make sure that you’re prepared for the care that they can come with. Having a fire guard, as well as all the accessories needed for a traditional fireplace, can make it much easier to care for the fireplace.

Contact us if you’re interested in having a fireplace installed to include your winter landscaping changes.

Add a Fabulous Arbor to Your Backyard

If you spend a lot of time in your backyard, either alone or with your family and friends, consider adding a fabulous arbor to your space. An arbor will increase the beauty of your property, can provide functionality, and will also add significant value to your home.

Add a Fabulous Arbor to Your Backyard

Uses for a Backyard Arbor

Highlight a Garden Entry — For homes with an outdoor flower or vegetable garden, an arbor can define or enhance the entry into that space. An arbor, constructed with latticework in a traditional arched design or a more modern flat-topped shape, will add a gorgeous aesthetic to your yard. Allow ivy or even climbing roses to decorate the structure for additional beauty and interest.

Create a Passageway — A large arbor can also create a remarkable tunnel-like passageway to guide visitors down a path leading from your gate to the patio or any other destination in your backyard. Such an arbor will add height to your yard, so it doesn’t appear as flat, and the design can match the architectural style of your house, making it look as if it has always been there and a part of your home.

Provide Shade and Shelter — During the hottest months, an arbor covered with ivy will provide shade so that you can spend even more time outside. An attached or freestanding arbor made from stunning-looking wood and covered in vines can also provide shelter from light rain showers. Place benches or other seating under the arbor to enjoy the environment in comfort while sitting in solitude or while spending time with others.

An arbor, available in various styles to meet your needs, will give a custom look to your home’s exterior that you will love all year around. For more information about arbors or other custom features for your home’s exterior, please contact us today.