Why should I build with Texas Outdoor Oasis?

We will build each project with integrity and stand behind our product 100% making sure all projects are up to code and built to last. Not only do we construct a top-notch quality product, but our sales staff will do their best to build a personal and trusting relationship with each client. If there are any issues during or after the job completion we will be fast to manage the issue at hand.

Where are you located?

Our sales office and showroom is located at 2621 Elm Grove Road, Wylie, Texas 75098. Our construction office is located at 3590 Whitely Road, Wylie, Texas 75098.

What are your hours?

Our office hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday. We do offer scheduled appointments after 5 and on weekends.

What area do you service?

For our commercial landscape division, we service Texas, Southern Oklahoma, and Western Louisiana. For pools, outdoor living, and residential landscape we service Wylie, Sachse, Murphy, Lucas, St. Paul, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, Carrollton, Rockwall, Heath, Royce City, Caddo Mills, Greeneville, Lone Oak, Forney, Kaufman, Seagoville, Combine, Scurry, and Mesquite. If you have a project close to any of these areas call to see if we service your area.

What services do you offer?

Commercial and residential landscape, new pool construction, pool remodeling, pool service, pool repair, patio and arbor construction, stamped concrete, concrete, stonework, as well as Lynx, Green Egg, and Blaze appliance sales. We also offer full roof residential replacement for your home.

Is an estimate free?

We offer free estimates on all services. 3D design renderings are always free for new pool construction; however, we typically require a deposit before offering renderings on patios and outdoor living areas.

Do you offer financing?

Yes!! We have three lenders that we work with you can find them in the link attached.
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How does the process work?

First, you will set an appointment, your contact information and basic project description will be assigned to one of our design team members and they will be in contact typically within 24 hours. Then you will have an initial no charge no obligation consultation where our design team member will meet with you in order to discuss your vision, brainstorm options, and learn more about your project. Within one to two weeks (depending on the size of the project and current workload), we will be able to produce a detailed estimate for your project. This will include an estimated cost on all aspects of the work, based on the consultation, broken down on a per item pricing structure. Once the estimate is approved, a building permit is obtained and the HOA has approved the project, we will provide a plan to complete your project in a timely manner. Throughout the project, we will update you on progress make sure you are kept in the loop. Now your project is completed! Your project team member will do a final walk-through to ensure your project was completed in full and to see that most or all of your wish list items were exceeded. They will also then ask you to review our company and the job we did at one of the review sites that can be found on our Testimonials page. For additional information see the link attached for our website’s page.
Our Process

How long should I expect to wait for an estimate?

We will be able to produce a detailed estimate for your project within one to two weeks. (depending on the size of the project and current workload)

How long is the quote good for?

Prices on material have shown a lot of fluctuation in recent times, therefore we can only honor an estimate for 30 days.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, we are fully insured in all aspects of construction that we offer.

Do you offer 3D rendering?

We do offer 3D rendering, pool renderings are always free, typically we require a deposit for renderings on outdoor living projects, however, estimates on outdoor living projects are free and will be priced on square footage and complexity of the build.

What is the typical cost of a kitchen, patio, pool, fire feature etc.?

Everything we offer is custom designed and built so if you had a project in mind please reach out to us and schedule an estimate in the link attached.
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Does my project require a permit?

Yes!! Most arbors, patio covers, concrete, new irrigation pools, electrical and plumbing require permitting unless your property is located in a county where there is no governing authority. This protects both the homeowner and our company by ensuring that all projects are up to current national building codes, and lets you, the homeowner knows that all aspects of the project reach all requirements to pass an inspection.

Do I (the homeowner) deal with the city?

No, our project superintendents draft and submit plans, checks with permit review process to relay any details that need further explanation to ensure the city plan reviewer will fully understand the intent of what we are trying to do on your project.

Do I (the homeowner) deal with the HOA?

Yes, we submit the drawings to the homeowner who will submit them to the HOA. Should the HOA come back with any follow-up questions or requests, we will work with you on any further clarifications that are needed about the project.

How long does construction take?

Construction times can vary, but a good rule of thumb is one week for every $10,000 if the project is over $20,000. This is based from the start date of the project and assuming perfect weather conditions throughout the project, every rain day will typically postpone the project by 3 days.

Does rain delay a project?

Yes, each rain day will typically postpone the project for 3 days, sometimes more if it creates extremely muddy and/or dangerous working conditions.

What is the best time to install a pool?

Any time is a great time to build a pool! It would be better to build in the winter months so you don’t miss any of the swim time in the summer.

What is the warranty for pools?

There is a lifetime warranty on the shell of the pool that it is guaranteed to hold water, one year on everything else including but not limited to tile, plaster, coping, and decking. Any appliance or equipment warranty will be valid from the installation date through the terms set forth by the manufacturer. If the decking is concrete, the warranty mentioned below (concrete and stone work warranty) will apply.

Am I responsible for maintaining my pool water level?

Yes, the customer is responsible for maintaining the water level. During the summer months, it is common for the evaporation to cause the pool to be to a water level that would require filling more than the once a week that we are on sight for cleaning.

Pool equipment warranty?

Typically there is a 3 year manufacturer warranty as long as the damage is not caused by abuse or misuse.

Salt vs. Chlorine?

Salt is easier on chemical maintenance, it is cheaper and needs less attention overall as well as being good for your eyes and skin. However it will cost more upfront for salt cells, it is highly corrosive to plants and stone which will mean you will need to repair you pool more often.

Chlorine has less cost upfront and it uses less electricity than salt. However you will spend more in the long run on chemical maintenance, it is harsher on your skin, eyes, and bathing suits, and the chlorine will rust metal if it is not stored properly.

Is it normal to have bugs and reptiles in my pool even with a cleaning service?

Yes, we will clean them when we come, but we can’t control when they decide to invade the pool.

Why am I seeing algae in my pool and do you treat it?

There are several factors that can cause an algae issue. We commonly see that poor circulation, filtration and sanitation is typically a contributing factor or primary cause of algae. One of our maintenance experts can evaluate the issue on a case by case basis and propose the best plan to elimenate the algae.

Is sod and sprinkler included in the pool price?

It is not included, however, we do offer installation for sod and sprinkler for an additional charge. Some cities require us to install sod before final inspection. In those instances, we will have to include sod installation in the initial contract cost. We will cap off the sprinkler system to the back yard so typically they will still work in other parts of the property (this depends on how the existing system was installed and wired.)

Why does cedar check/crack?

Checking occurs in all types of wood, typically this occurs when the timbers are drying. Timbers constantly are expanding and contracting due to rain and sunlight, moisture making it expand and dryness making it contract and when this occurs it causes these cracks or checks in the timbers. This is more likely to occur in the bigger pieces of lumber because you are looking at sizable cross sections meaning they are more of the center of the log. The thinner pieces are easier to dry, where the larger pieces have more insulation around the center of the timber and as the outer layers dry and shrink they are halted by the moist inner layer, therefore they have no recourse but to crack to release tension. You will usually see this in timber 6”x6” and larger. Different woods will check differently, denser heavier woods will check more readily. With more density, there is less empty space for the wood fibers to compress into. On less dense woods (such as cedar) the checks will be deep and open because the timber has been shrinking and compressing into the empty space and building up the pressure until the fibers give way. It is not until the timber is installed on a deck or home that is starts to check, direct sunlight on a summer day can cause a more dramatic checks and it is common to be sitting on your deck and actually hear the popping and cracking of the posts. Timbers will never stop moving especially ones used outside, the checks will open and close as the outer layers pick up and shed moisture, this means the wood should not be filled with any epoxy or anything of that nature. The key thing to remember is that these checks do not affect the structural integrity of a timber. In fact, it usually makes it stronger, because it releases the tension built up internally.

Picket vs. Tongue & Groove for ceiling material on patio cover?

Wood is a natural product that expands and contracts due to moisture. When fence pickets are first installed on the ceiling the wood will be really tight against each other. Once they dry it will typically leave gaps where you will be able to see through to the plywood. Tongue & Groove is kiln dried and because it interlocks you will never be able to see the contraction shall it occur.

Will the shingles match?

Shingles will be matched as closely as possible to the existing roof. Shingles may have variances due to age and wear of the existing shingle, manufacturer batch colorations, phasing out of products, etc. If you have had your roof replaced and you can give us manufacture color and plant code there is a higher chance for a perfect match.

Does my patio cover need gutters?

In most instances it is recommended to install gutters on a new patio cover, our contracts do not include gutters, but we have a great company we can refer you too.

How often do I stain my cedar?

Areas that are in direct sunlight will typically need to be restained every 3-4 years or at the first sign of showing grey. Areas that do not get any direct sunlight, such as the ceiling of a patio cover can go much longer before restaining.

Do you supply lights and ceiling fans?

We request that the homeowner pick out and purchase the ceiling fans and lights due to the fact that they are very personal taste items, our price will include assembly and installation. If it is can lights we are installing we will supply the fixture and the bulbs and it is included in the price quoted.

Do you use licensed trades?

The typical trades we deal with that require licensing are plumbing, electrical, and irrigation. We have two licensed irrigators on staff. All of our trades that require licensing are confirmed as well as their insurance.

What is the warranty for patio covers?

Arbors and covered porches are covered by 5 years workmanship and 1 year from the leak. (If the structure is roofed or has a poly covering) We guarantee wood to be healthy at installation. Wood can check, split, crack, splinter, and shrink. (this is not covered by warranty) Wood is a natural product and subjected to the elements we can’t control. All warranties are null and void if any of the following are determined: lack of staining, failure to water properly, drought, freeze, insect damage, or abuse. When a patio cover constructed it may change the existing flow of water from the home and may require an addition of gutters. Gutters are not included in this estimate however, references are available upon request. Shingles will be matched as close as possible to the existing roof. Shingles may have variances due to age and wear of the house, manufacturer batch colorations, phasing out of products, etc.

What is the warranty for concrete or stone work?

There is no warranty covering cracking, checking, raising or settling of concrete or stone work due to the instability of the soil in the majority of our working area. It is recommended to keep even moisture in the soil around concrete to minimize soil movement. On newly sealed concrete, the sealer typically last 2-4 years depending on the amount of traffic and sunlight. Sealed concrete does require ongoing maintenance that includes cleaning and resealing. Low areas within the texture of the sealed concrete may show water spots that will appear white in color. These spots can typically be removed with soap and water. Texas Outdoor Oasis does not warranty sealer from fade, spotting or deteriorating.

How often do I seal my countertops?

Every 6 months is recommended or any time it no longer repels water. We use a penetrating sealer that will not leave a shiny coat on your countertops.

How long does concrete sealer last?

Depending on traffic and sunlight exposure, the sealer will last typically 3 years if properly maintained. Shaded areas and low traffic areas may last longer.

What is the best time to install a landscape?

The best time to install a landscape is in the fall or winter months because it gives the root system time to get established before the heat comes in the Summer.

What is the warranty for landscape?

Unless specified otherwise in the contract, all trees and shrubs supplied and planted are guaranteed for 90 days. Trees and shrubs that do not live past the warranty period will be replaced ONE TIME ONLY at the proper time as determined by the installer. The following plants are not warranted; sod, some grasses, ground covers, transplants, and all annual flowers. All warranties are null and void if any of the following are determined; failure to water properly, drought, freeze, insect damage, or abuse. Texas Outdoor Oasis will schedule Dig Tess to mark standard underground utilities. Customers are responsible for locating all other underground obstructions such as, but not limited to; sprinkler lines, sewer lines, or homeowner installed power, gas or water lines, wires, pipes, tubes or systems of any kind that are not marked clearly prior to excavating.