Spend more time enjoying your pool than fixing and maintaining it with our weekly pool service!

Our pool service includes:

  • Weekly cleaning services (chlorinated and salt water pools)
  • Testing pool water and balance as needed
  • Empty all pump baskets and skimmers
  • Backwash as needed (sand and DE filter)
  • Check pool cleaner (bag/filter)
  • Check pool cleaner for proper operation
  • Check and clean sweep finger/wall screen
  • Vacuum pool
  • Brush pools walls, tile, steps, and bottom
  • Net pool surface
  • Visual inspection of pool equipment
  • Treat algae issues at no charge
  • Visibly monitor pool operation
  • Report any observations or issues
  • Chemical maintenance included

What you do:

  • Maintain proper water levels
  • Keep pool equipment operating
  • Approve repairs when needed
  • Report any issues