5 Benefits of Building an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

Barbecue culture is big in Texas and if you’re like most homeowners, you spend hours at your grill creating delicious meals for your family and friends to enjoy. But even the most die-hard grill-masters know that creating a full meal means splitting time between your grill and your indoor kitchen, forcing you to miss out on the fun. If you’re looking to make your backyard truly functional and ready to be your primary entertaining space, nothing makes more of a difference than an outdoor kitchen. Here are a few benefits of adding an outdoor kitchen to your home:

5 Benefits of Building an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

  • Convenient: When you build an outdoor kitchen in your yard, you’ll have everything you need to create the perfect meal right next to your grill. Gone will be the days of running to the kitchen to check on your side dishes or wash your hands after handling raw meat.
  • Versatile: Outdoor kitchens are designed with your unique backyard space in mind. You’ll be able to customize the layout, specify which appliances you want, and incorporate all the elements you need to cook grill-side in comfort.
  • Increases Useable Space: An outdoor kitchen often doubles as an outdoor dining area, living room, and entertainment space. This means you’ll increase the amount of useable space in your home, letting you host large parties without your guests feeling cramped.
  • Easy Clean-up: If you have kids, you know the struggle of getting barbecue sauce, juice, and other sticky stains out of carpet and upholstery. With an outdoor kitchen, that worry is eliminated. Prepare your meals outside and enjoy them on the patio without fear of mess. If a spill happens, your kids will be able to wash up outside while you spray away the spill with your garden hose.
  • Increases Resale Appeal: When professionally designed and installed, outdoor kitchens make your home more appealing to potential buyers, helping you sell faster at a better price. The more your home stands out from the others on the market, the more likely it is to catch a buyer’s eye.

At Texas Outdoor Oasis, we know that grilling is a way of life. Why settle for a stand-alone grill when you can have a custom outdoor kitchen that lets you get the most out of your backyard. Contact us today to start bringing your barbecue dreams to life.

4 Ways To Add Spice To Your Backyard

Texas is so unique in its climate.  The temperature ranges from rain to sun on any given day.  Every backyard has the potential to be a haven for memories.  Still, remodeling can be overwhelming.  Below we have listed 4 different options to help you start your journey of creating the perfect backyard oasis.

4 Ways To Add Spice To Your Backyard

Option # 1: Patio Covers

With all that extra sun we get here in Texas, the best way to combat that is with an awesome patio cover.  Shelter is super important in this great state.  Given the constant shift in climate, a patio cover offers everything you need to enjoy the outdoors: rain or shine!

Option # 2: Decorative Concrete/Flooring

The floor of your patio can make or break your outdoor experience.  You want to be able to hop from outside to inside easily.  Consider all your options for flooring.  Different materials and different design can have totally different effects.  You can change and alter anything from texture, color, stain, finish, and even more.

Option # 3: Fire Features

Everyone wants a fire feature on their patio, something to sit around on a beautiful summer night where you can reminisce with your best friends.  But, did you know that fire features can range from a simple propane fire pit to a grill to a full-fledged kitchen with a bar?

Option # 4: Landscaping

Every backyard should have amazing landscaping.  But consider that landscaping is more than grass and flowers.  Everything from vegetation to design can make your outdoor oasis shine.  It’s more than just planting some plants.  Season, soil, sun and rainfall all play into what grows when, and for how long.

Now you know you have plenty of options when it comes to making your backyard amazing.  Big or small, you can make your dreams come true.  But, with all these options, consider hiring a professional to help make your vision into a reality.  Contact us to get started today.