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Include a Gorgeous, Outdoor Fireplace on Your Patio

If you love to spend time outdoors, but it becomes uncomfortable when the weather turns cooler, then you should consider having an outdoor fireplace built on your patio. An outdoor fireplace will add beauty to your property regardless of the time of year, and it comes with several advantages that you and your family will love.

Include a Gorgeous, Outdoor Fireplace on Your Patio

An Outdoor Fireplace Creates a Cozy Atmosphere

Nothing creates a cozier feeling than a fireplace. The glow of the flames will become mesmerizing as you watch the fire jump and change shape. The crackling sounds and warmth will soothe you, allowing you to relax completely. Even the irresistible smell of the fire can bring back pleasant memories of bygone days or can help to create new memories with your family and friends.

A Fireplace Becomes a Focal Point

Every space needs a focal point that will grab people’s attention. A gorgeous fireplace on your patio will immediately serve as the focal point of your outdoor space. This spot will now become the place where everyone will want to gather. With a nice sitting area designed in front of the fire, you can create a comfortable and inviting gathering place for people to spend time.

A Fireplace Adds Value

Whenever you renovate a portion of your property, whether inside or outside, you always want to add function and appeal. When you do this, you also add value to your home. An outdoor fireplace is a fabulous choice and will always increase the worth of your residence. If you decide to sell your house in the future, you’ll get an excellent return on your investment, making such a fireplace a decision that you won’t regret.

For more information about getting a gorgeous, outdoor fireplace for your patio, please contact us today. We can use various types of natural or pre-cast stone to accent the beauty of your home.

3 Landscaping Changes to Make Before Setting Up an Outdoor Fireplace

Getting an outdoor fireplace set up in your yard can be just the thing to make yard cozy and more inviting when it’s cooler outside. If you’ve always wanted an outdoor fireplace, but don’t know how to get started with having it put in, it’s important that you look into what you can do to prepare the rest of your yard for the addition of the fireplace. Below we discuss 3 landscaping changes to make before setting up an outdoor fireplace.

3 Landscaping Changes to Make Before Setting Up an Outdoor Fireplace

Clear Out Any Nearby Landscaping

While you may love having a lot of foliage in your yard, some plants can be a hazard when you consider an open flame or embers from the fireplace. Clearing out any landscaping that’s especially close to the fireplace can help ensure that you don’t need to worry about the risk of a fire spreading to any of your plants in the yard.

Proper Ventilation

Having an overhang above the fireplace can be nice since it can provide some shade during the day and make the fireplace area cozy, but it can also be problematic since you need to make sure that ventilation won’t be an issue. Having an enclosed overhang can lead to there being no place for the smoke to escape, leading to breathing issues when you have a fire going. Pergolas or other overhangs with a lot of airflow can be a much better fit since it will allow the smoke to escape rather than be trapped.

Get Additional Supplies for the Fireplace

As you look into having a fireplace put in your yard, you need to make sure that you’re prepared for the care that they can come with. Having a fire guard, as well as all the accessories needed for a traditional fireplace, can make it much easier to care for the fireplace.

Contact us if you’re interested in having a fireplace installed to include your winter landscaping changes.

Consider a Custom Outdoor Fireplace!

There’s nothing quite like a warm crackling custom outdoor fireplace on a cold, winter night. The familiar atmosphere, the bright glow of the fire, the stars in the sky, and your friends or family seated comfortably around it with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate is picture perfect.  Outdoor fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles, and if you’re considering adding a custom outdoor fireplace to your home, then let the experts at Texas Outdoor Oasis help you with your planning and designing needs!

Consider a Custom Outdoor Fireplace!

Our photo gallery showcases some of our previous work and it could give you an idea as to what you’re looking for. We work with all different types of tile, stone, and brick and there’s no job too big or too small.  Close your eyes and just imagine the memories that could me made with friends, family, or coworkers at your home, as you laugh, visit and enjoy yourself around the warm heated glow of a toasty log fire. For the men, imagine watching that playoff ballgame with your buddies on the large flat screen tv that hangs above the mantel. And for you ladies, envision having some of the girls over for a movie night with a bottle of wine and a popcorn!

We at Texas Outdoor Oasis would love to help you design your outdoor fireplace.  Our team is a dedicated and friendly group that loves the outdoors as much as you do and they would love to help you design the fireplace of your dreams and make your back porch or yard the envy of the neighborhood! Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Which Type of Outdoor Fireplace is Right for You?

Even when the temperature drops, staying outdoors is an option with an outdoor fireplace. They also offer homeowners a comfy and warm space to entertain guests. Here are some models you can choose from for your own outdoor space:

Which Type of Outdoor Fireplace is Right for You?

Brick or Stone Fireplaces

Brick and stone fireplaces offer a rustic look and blend well with any outdoor environment, like a concrete patio, or can be made to match the exterior of your home. They also retain heat and are sturdy enough to withstand corrosion. The most popular varieties are standalone types.

Metal and Steel Fireplaces

These are usually portable, which means you can wheel or carry them anywhere. For example, you can place a small metal fire pit in the middle of your backyard and have your guests sit around it. If you want to add a more modern look, go for steel fireplaces that come with 360° viewing screens. While they are inexpensive, portable fireplaces can tip and may pose a fire hazard if placed on organic material, like a lawn, or on a slope.  They also do not add to the value of a home like built-in fireplaces.

Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace works like your typical kitchen stove. Flip a switch or valve and you have a roaring fire. This model is a good option for you if you don’t like to waste time starting a fire. It also burns cleaner since it doesn’t use wood. While a gas fireplace lacks the authenticity of a wood fire, it is still a great option for homeowners who want an outdoor fireplace without the cleanup.

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